This three bedroom London house could be yours for just £10

Would you risk a tenner for your dream home?

Raffles used to be the domain of May Day fairs and the WI, flogging fruit baskets and French lessons no one wants. However, in a bizarre twist, the website is launching a raffle with a prize you are definitely going to want to win – a house in London!

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The site has launched a competition to win a £2.1million house in Kentish Town, with tickets costing £10.

The property in question in this win a house competition is a beautifully renovated Victorian home in Bartholomew Road, Kentish Town. It is made up of three floors with three bedrooms, two reception rooms and a gorgeous kitchen.

Win a house competition 1

The is no hiding the fact that winning this grey hued property would be a dream come true for any family. Especially with its central location and proximity to many schools and parks.

Win a house competitions are nothing new, but we have learnt to be wary of the unusual selling tactic. The timelines for the competition can last for years until enough tickets are sold. Sellers can even back paddle if they fail to make a significant profit, leaving the competition with no winner and thousands of people £10 lighter.

Win a house competition 2

However, the site promises to be different from other competitions. Claiming that everything will be run above board. The number of tickets available to buy will be capped at 250,000 to ensure a clearer timeline for the competition, which will not run past the end of the year.

If a win a house competition fails to sell enough tickets for the house to qualify as the price, there will still be a winner, walking away with 60% of the money raised.

While the idea of shelling out £10 for a raffle ticket might seem steep, you can reassure yourself that 10 per cent of the ticket sales will go to charity.

Win a house competition 3

‘For us, it’s important that the contestant wins first and foremost and then that we make some money for charity,’ explains Mar Gershon, director at Misuma Ltd, the property development company behind the website.

‘As a business venture, this is something new for us and that’s why transparency and diligence have been at the core of everything we’ve done so far. If it works, we hope to replicate it with other properties to help more people onto the ladder while raising money for an exceptional cause.’

The competition for the Kentish Town house will run until the 31st December, with 10 per cent of the money raised going to a children’s hospital charity.

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Would you risk a tenner to get a foot on the property ladder?

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