The worst interior design trends – according to the internet (not us!)

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  • People have seen some dark, dark things

    Usually, we all do the very British thing and keep our judgment of other people’s homes to ourselves. But one Mumsnet user has just opened the floodgates. They simply asked the internet what their ‘interior design pet hates’ were, and an onslaught of hatred followed, racking up more than a thousand comments.

    Some mums on the forum had oddly specific gripes, such as one user who hated ‘shelves of learned antique books bought for a library, while the well-thumbed Mills & Boon are carefully hidden’. However for the most part, there were a few recurring home choices that drove people up the wall.

    Just remember, don’t shoot the messenger!

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    Quotes on walls


    People had no time for word art and inspirational quotes, especially when they were blown up and covered an entire wall. There were the usual suspects, with Mumsnetters taking against words such as ‘eat’, ‘sleep’ and ‘relax’ all plastered around a house in big capital letters. And they really couldn’t deal with condescending commands.

    One user said, ‘I do not need to be told to ‘bathe’ in a bathroom. Nor ‘eat’ in a dining room.’

    The biggest hate was undeniably the word ‘love’, which was mentioned numerous times. ‘Trite quotes about families or love or brainless spirituality’ also came up a few times as well as ‘any twee signs that say how sassy and independent you are, or how you seize the day and dance in the rain.’

    One user went so far as to call them an ‘atrocity’. A bit harsh, or fair comment?

    Neutral colour schemes


    If one thing was made clear, it was that the Mumsnet crowd like a bright colour palette – and grey and beige aren’t in it. A chorus of blunt ‘grey everything’ and ‘beige everything’ came up constantly, with one user spiralling into a breakdown with the comment, ‘Grey. Grey. Grey. Grey. Grey.’

    The peak was one user who had been subjected to beige on beige on beige before, saying, ‘Beige with different shades of beige accents. Just neutrals generally… Just lazy and ugly.’

    There were however a few women who fought back, saying that many of their homes were overwhelmingly neutral and they loved it. One said, ‘I like a sort of Danish neutral where there’s splashes of colours.’

    Well said that woman! We are totally with you!

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    Mirrored home furnishings, glitter and anything shiny


    Anything that glittered wasn’t gold with with the internet. Many users waxed lyrical about their hatred for anything sparkly or shiny at home. They especially didn’t want to see it in the bedroom, as ‘shiny duvet sets and cushions’ and ‘duvet sets with sequins’ were torn apart.

    Glittery or mirrored home accessories were also way out with the crowd, as ‘mirrored picture frames’, ‘wallpaper with shiny bits’ and ‘the whole glitter trend that’s going on’ were also common pet hates.

    More than anything, people hated shiny flooring. Especially cheap, shiny flooring. You know what we’re talking about.

    One user said, ‘Cheap laminate just looks like cheap laminate, horrible stuff. After erroneously installing cheap laminate in my house in the 90s, like everyone else, I vowed to never let that stuff [in] my abode [ever] again.’ Ok then…

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    So what do you think? Fair criticism or just plain mean? Let us know in the comments box.

    Written by Megan C. Hills

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