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Planning a new look for your bedroom? We have bedroom ideas galore to inspire you, whether you want a country bedroom, modern bedroom or traditional bedroom scheme.

  • Blue and green bedroom with striking wallpaper

    Blue and green bedroom with striking wallpaper

    Think blue and green should not be seen? Think again. There’s a lot of pattern going on here, but the soothing colour palette makes for a harmonious scheme. A black bed acts as a mellower, more grounding accent to a blue-and-green mix than white furniture.

    ‘Brook’ wallpaper and curtain fabric
    Morris & Co
    Blue bedding
    The Linen Works

  • Elegant white bedroom with ornate bed

    Elegant white bedroom with ornate bed

    With a beautiful bed like this, a bedroom needs little more to turn it into a luxurious haven. A large glass chandelier adds to the decadent feel and harks back to an era gone by. Hanging on the wall is a pretty twig wreath, which gives a contemporary touch.

    Similar chest of drawers
    Maisons du Monde
    Similar bed

  • Grey bedroom with French-style bed

    Grey bedroom with French-style bed

    Grey walls are so versatile in a bedroom. They will go with any colour of wood, whether it’s highly varnished or distressed like the bedside table and French-style bed in this scheme. Neutral accessories and pastel colours look great and will create a soft, feminine feel.

    Bed linen
    Sarah Hardaker

  • Neutral bedroom with tweed sleigh bed

    Neutral bedroom with tweed sleigh bed

    Turn your bed into a focal point with a tweed fabric. After all, what could be more appropriate for a non-city dwelling than this hardy fabric with country appeal? Splashes of red are used to add extra warmth and are found in a multitude of patterns around the room.


  • Botanical bedroom with green headboard

    Botanical bedroom with green headboard

    Create a well-rounded scheme by choosing your starting point carefully. The botanical artworks here are the central focus, with the rest of the decor complementing their neutral tones. The green headboard ties in with the botanical theme, adding a hit of nature-inspired colour.

    Similar upholstery fabric

  • Neutral bedroom with bright-blue accents

    Neutral bedroom with bright-blue accents

    Use textiles and tapestries as an alternative to pictures in a bedroom scheme. This wall hanging adds texture to the room while fitting in with the neutral decor. Bright-blue accents in a combination of patterns and block colours enrich the look.

    Similar throw

  • Country bedroom with tweed bed

    Country bedroom with tweed bed

    Choose tweed for the ultimate in country chic. This upholstered sleigh bed is central to the scheme and it adds plenty of interest while keeping the look neutral. Colour has been confined to other textiles and the vivid artworks on the mantelpiece, which create a homely feel.

    Similar upholstery fabric
    The Millshop Online
    Similar armchair

  • Country bedroom with upholstered sleigh bed

    Country bedroom with sleigh bed

    Make use of earthy tones to add colour to a neutral country scheme. Yellow, orange, red and brown all feature in this eye-catching stripey rug, which injects life into the room, while blending perfectly with the wooden finishes. Cushions on the bed add detail higher up, tying the whole look together.

    Lee Longlands
    Art of the Loom

  • Modern bedroom with bookcase wallpaper

    Modern bedroom with bookcase wallpaper

    Create a dreamy bedroom scheme with a trompe l’oeil bookcase wallpaper. Not much more is needed in this space – a white bed and bed linen keep the look simple but sleek. Monochrome cushions tone with the wallpaper and add interest to the foreground.

    Similar wallpaper
    Wallpaper Direct
    Similar bed
    Bedroom World

  • 25BH Nov 17 p111 Rustic neutral bedroom with four-poster bed

    Rustic neutral bedroom with four-poster bed

    Mix and match modern and traditional styles. Four-poster beds are the ultimate in traditional, but this bespoke design has a very contemporary look about it, with its chunky dark-wood posts that make a statement against the neutral walls. Four-posters don’t have to be overly ornate – and this is a great example of that.

    Custom-made bed
    Bed linen
    Gayle Warwick

  • CHI Nov 17 p60 Country bedroom with matching cushions

    Symmetrical country bedroom

    Take a hotel’s approach to decorating a bedroom and make the look almost entirely symmetrical. One side of the bed here is almost like the mirror image of the other, from the cushions to the bedside tables and table lamps. The plants are an exception, and show that there’s no need to get too bogged down in particulars.

    Similar bedside table
    Melody Maison
    Similar throw
    John Lewis

  • CHI Nov 17 p 60 Elegant white bedroom with French bed

    Elegant white bedroom with French bed

    Make a simple white scheme stand out with classic French-style furniture. With their raised feet, curved shape and ornate carvings, French beds will add a little luxe, without the need for colourful flourishes. Distressed finishes are very popular right now and keep the look current.

    Upholstery fabric and eiderdown
    Sarah Hardaker
    Similar bed
    The French Bedroom Company

  • Ideal Home Nov 2017 p26 Neutral bedroom with patterned curtains

    Neutral bedroom with patterned curtains

    Add a statement piece – neutrals can become a little one-note without a few standout objects. Here, the bold patterned curtains and the artwork above the bed boost the style stakes in this bedroom. Stacked pillows are a great steal from hotels, and really do make the space look more inviting.

    Similar bed and bedside table
    Feather & Black
    John Lewis

  • Pretty bedroom with feature wallpaper

    Pretty bedroom with feature wallpaper

    Hang a feature wallpaper on one wall of your bedroom to create a luxurious effect. The wall where the headboard of your bed is the best place to go for, as it is the natural centre of the room. Choose a design in a relaxing colour and print so that it doesn’t make your mind buzz before bed, and keep furniture white to let the design stand out.

    Nina Campbell
    The French Bedroom Company

  • Country bedroom with fluffy faux-fur throw

    Country bedroom with fluffy faux-fur throw

    Create a warming country bedroom scheme with faux-fur throws and plenty of cushions – heaven for curling up on a cold night. Neutral paint on the walls allows flexibility when decorating, but provides a warmer look than white tones, which is especially important in a country cottage, where you want to feel snug.

    Cushions (on bed)
    The White Company
    Similar throw

  • Serene blue bedroom with birdcage wallpaper

    Serene blue bedroom with birdcage wallpaper

    Create a calming space for you to slumber with pale duck-egg blue on the walls. Blue is well known for its ability to relax the mind, so it’s ideal in a bedroom. Teamed with a striking wallpaper in a similar shade, this pretty scheme also features pale gold highlights in the curtain fabric and mirror.

    Nina Campbell
    The French Bedroom Company

  • Monochrome bedroom with map wallpaper

    Monochrome bedroom with map wallpaper

    Decorate your monochrome scheme innovatively with an antique-map wallpaper. With its swirling pattern, it creates plenty of visual interest, a feeling of movement and reflects an interest in travel. The four-poster bed has been carefully chosen and its clean lines simultaneously manage to add wow factor to the room without stealing attention away from the paper.

    Christian Lacroix Maison for Designers Guild
    Similar bed
    Maisons du Monde

  • Compact bedroom with traditional mirror

    Compact bedroom with traditional gilt-edged mirror

    Create a sense of space in even the most compact bedroom by planning your storage needs carefully. This bedroom has a bespoke shelving unit that has been built around the headboard, which is ideal for keeping all those bits and bobs that would otherwise have no home. There’s not a huge amount of space to walk around the bed, but the addition of a full-sized mirror tricks the eye into believing there’s more room than there is. With its ornate design, it makes a gorgeous feature, too.

    Similar mirror
    The French Bedroom Company

  • Highland folk rustic cottage bedroom in Scotland

    Rustic bedroom in Highlands-inspired country cottage

    Earthy tones in the bedroom create a soothing, homely feel. Here a cabin bed tucked into a small room with timber walls made from reclaimed wood makes for a snug, inviting retreat, allowing a selection of mismatched textiles to come to the fore. The thick rug adds texture to the room, giving it a touch of cosiness and luxury to contrast with the bare timbers.



  • bedroom drawers

    Vintage style bedroom with subtle pattern

    A pretty floral wallpaper sets the tone in this vintage-style bedroom. A chest of drawers has been upcycled with a coat of pale grey paint and a large gilt mirror above provides a focal point. Smaller oval mirrors echo the style, and the display is finished off with a quirky butterfly lampshade.

    Joanna Wood
    Gilt mirror
    The Chandelier & Mirror Company

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