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If you’re looking for children’s bedroom ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We have 100s of pictures to inspire you, whether you’re creating a traditional children’s room, a modern children’s room or country children’s room . Happy decorating!

  • Girl's bedroom in pink with reading corner and fireplace

    Design a cosy reading corner in your child’s bedroom with built-in shelves and a cushioned chair in front of the fireplace – perfect for story time. Built-in shelves and a cupboard add storage and make use of the space beside a chimney breast. The felt elephant’s head above the mantlepiece is a playful spin on a traditional fireplace decoration.

  • Girl's bedroom with a wooden bed, blush walls and grid wallpaper

    Create a modern girl’s bedroom that will see your daughter from toddler to teenager by pairing pink walls with a grid wallpaper. A wooden bed shaped like a house is a playful touch and can be decorated with pom-poms, fairy lights and balloons to suit your child’s tastes. A floor basket is a handy solution for keeping the room tidy.

  • Teenage bedroom with built-in wardrobes, desk area and blue pegboard

    Use space in a teenager’s bedroom wisely by fashioning a desk area cleverly within built-in cupboards. Plan a break at the end of a run of wardrobes to fit a compact desk and chair. A pegboard, painted in the same colour as the walls always this office essential to blend  in. A handy pegboard helps to keep revision notes and memos handy, but is also a great place to hang motivating art prints for decoration.

  • White child's bedroom with characterful hanging chair

    Make a child’s room feel more grown up with a statement hanging egg chair. This on-trend accessory becomes the focus of the room. A thoughtfully place rug underneath the suspended chair helps to clearly zone the creating the ultimate chill-out space.

  • Children's bedroom with window shutters and simple reclaimed furniture

    Keep a child’s bedroom feeling modern and more grown up with the addition of window shutters. Ideal for privacy while adding style that doesn’t feel child-like. Reclaimed furniture pieces can help to keep the overall look charming.

  • Traditional white teenager's bedroom with sophisticated neutral colour palette

    This is a fine example of how to create a grown-up child’s bedroom. The soft, stone colour palette proves you can have a smart look that’s child-proof if you use natural materials like wood and stone. Washed linens and distressed paintwork give the decor a relaxed look.

  • Children's workspace with blue painted wall panel with floating shelves

    Create the ideal place for youngsters to work from. Dedicate an area of the room by painting a panel section and mount two floating shelves. Complete the space with a wire memo rack, compact desktop and a chair to provide everything they need. Adding clever magnetic strips helps to store everything from toy cars to pens.

    Finish the look with a traditional style wooden school chair.

  • Child's bedroom with wall-mounted customised toy cupboard

    Have fun with a practical storage solution. This basic pine IKEA Ivan unit has been transformed, to create a magical place to store toys and clutter. Behind customised closed doors and wall-mounted off the floor, this storage piece is must-have to keep a small room tidy.

    Thanks to a splash of creative painting it looks as fabulous as it is practical.

  • Girls bedroom with ornate metal bed, gallery wall and floral blind

    Create a girls room that will last for years to come. A timeless grey backdrop won’t age. It feels soft enough to dress with pink accents for younger girls, mature enough as not to look too girly as they grow into it.

    An ornate metal bed and floral eiderdown adds a touch of country charm to this girls bedroom. The gallery wall shows a sense of personality, all important for a young girl’s bedroom.

  • Child's bedroom with colourful chest of draws and bright accessories

    Children’s rooms can be brought to life with layers of colour, from furniture to accessories – the more the merrier. Upcycled storage can add great value. Give an old or boring chest of drawers a new look for a child’s room, by upcycling it using paint and washi tape.


  • Nursery with playful yellow and pink paint effect walls

    To give a little one’s room personality, why not try a paint effect? Give their bedroom a fun fresh with a lick of paint in two complimentary colours. To achieve this simple, yet statement paint effect use a spirit level and masking tape to divide the wall in half  then get painting.

  • Style at Home Oct 2017 p22-23

    Modern children's bedroom with monochrome decorations, bunting and a teepee

    Create a stylish and fun children’s bedroom by starting with a neutral grey backdrop and adding monochrome bedding, prints and cushions. Add colourful accents with a rug, bunting and pom pom.  A small teepee is the ideal place for little ones to make up adventures.

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  • Girls' bedroom with patterned bedlinen and crafty touches

    Child's bedroom with patterned bedlinen and crafty touches

    A child’s room is the perfect place to experiment with colour, pattern and texture. A string of gold-dipped feather hung above the bed add interest and don’t cost very much. Try painting a fun motif above the bed for a look that can be changed with relative ease as your child grows. The look has been finished with psychedelic bedspread for added colour.

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  • Monochrome child's room with pattern cushions and tent

    Monochrome child's room with pattern cushions and tent

    For a stylish modern look in a child’s room, choose an alternative to traditional powdery blues and pinks and go for a modern monochrome colour scheme instead. The wall has been painted to look like a cool mountain design, while a sheet has been hung up to create a cosy den for children to read and snuggle. This is a great look that’s easily updated as children grow.

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  • boys' bedroom ideas

    Modern monochrome boys' room with bunk beds and black wall

    A child’s bedroom doesn’t always need to be pale and pretty – embrace dark and moody hues for a dramatic look that will add depth. This monochrome scheme benefits from plenty of pattern and texture to lift the space, while quirky art adds character and personality to this children’s room.

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  • Children's playroom with day bed and yellow sheep throw

    Children's playroom with day bed and yellow sheep throw

    Hang picture ledges so that your little ones can easily see the covers of their favourite books. It’s a great way of encouraging them to read. Books also add lots of colour to a white scheme, along with cute cushions. The yellow sheep throw is adorable, too.

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  • Girl's room with love heart bed and pink highlights

    Girl's room with love heart bed and pink highlights

    Colourful artwork is ideal for creating a playful scheme. Neutral walls are the perfect backdrop for these fun pieces, from the spots to the seahorse. Other great buys for a girl’s room include the love heart bed, which will hold enduring appeal, plus the pink rug, which would work in many a scheme.

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  • Modern children's room with large red toy car

    Modern children's room with large red toy car

    Any child would love this room. With plenty of fun and colourful elements, plus loads of space and practical pieces, it is a dream scheme. A high cabin bed makes a great place to hide out, plus there’s also room underneath for giant Lego storage blocks.

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  • Cute children's reading corner with Miffy books and bunny chair

    Cute children's reading corner with Miffy books and bunny chair

    Inspire your child to read more with a cute little reading corner. A feature wallpaper marks out the library area and picture shelves provide easy access to your little one’s favourite reads. Miffy is the character of choice and the theme is perfectly complemented with a sweet bunny chair.

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  • Stylish girl's room with pompoms, cloud hangers and tutu

    Stylish girl's room full of fun decorative touches

    Even if your child is quite young, you don’t have to decorate their room with all the obvious pieces. A simple grey and white scheme is timeless and will suit your child throughout their life. Fun decorative touches such as the pompoms, cloud hangers and bear print do more than enough to make this space worthy of a princess.

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