Get a real Nordmann Fir Christmas tree delivered to your home for just £25.98 – what a bargain!

Avoid the shops and get a real tree delivered to your door – and save £22
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  • Are your wondering how you’ll shop for your real tree this year? Or would you like to spread some festive joy and send a tree to an isolating loved one? Then we have some brilliant news.

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    In this brilliant Black Friday deal from Wowcher, you can have a real Nordmann Fir Luxury Christmas Tree delivered to your doorstep in plenty of time for Christmas. And it will only cost from £25.98.

    Nordmann Fir Christmas tree delivered to you door – quick links

    Nordmann Fir Christmas tree delivered to you door

    Nordmann Fir Christmas tree, from £17.99 plus delivery, Wowcher
    We think Nordmann firs make great trees as their needles aren’t prone to dropping –  choose from a 4ft or 6ft tree, and delivery by 16th December.

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    Wowcher has teamed up with Plant Store to bring you this great deal, which offers both 4ft and 6ft trees. You might want to buy two – one for your mailing living room and one for, say a dining room or hallway (if you’re lucky enough to have the space).

    The 4ft tree will cost £17.99 instead of the usual £39.99, plus a postage cost of £7.99 for standard delivery. For a 6ft tree, you’ll pay £34.99, plus £9.99 delivery. But you will save up to 55% on the standard retail price.

    Delivery slots are already going fast, but we have just checked and you should be able to receive your tree before the 16th December, so in plenty of time.

    Why choose a Nordmann fir?

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    Image credit: Joanna Henderson

    Traditionally, the Norwegian spruce was a consistent favourite in the UK, but non-drop varieties like the Nordmann fir have gained in popularity in recent years. Their main appeal is their deep green, colour, their relatively soft needles (no one likes a prickly tree, particularly if you have children) and their non-drop needles. If you hate constantly vacuuming around a shedding tree, these the nordmann is the answer to your prayers.

    Those strong branches and pliable needles also make it a lot easier to decorate that lots of other varieties of Christmas tree.

    How to look after your tree

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    Image credit: David Brittain

    Plant Store advises that you keep your new tree outside with the stump in a bucket of water for as long as possible, before bringing it indoors. This will help it last longer over the Christmas period.

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    Take the netting off outside to stop the loose needles from getting everywhere, then place it position. Don’t sit it near a radiator or open fire though, as this will cause it to dry out. Make sure it gets some light for at least a few hours a day, and water it regularly – ideally every day with a few lures of water. Use warm water the first time you fill your tree stand as this allows the sap to move more freely around the tree.

    So grab your Nordmann Christmas tree while you have the chance…

    …and have a very merry Christmas

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