Height-adjustable washing machines: what you need to know

When I had tiles laid on my kitchen floor, they were carried on beneath the washing machine. The old machine fitted but now I need a new one that is less than 85cm high. Are there any models that can be reduced in height?
This is a common problem in a non-standard kitchen and there must be enough people with the same problem to persuade sister companies Bosch, 0870 727 0446, boschappliances.co.uk, and Siemens, 0870 840 3300, siemens appliances.co.uk, to make machines that can be reduced from 85cm to 82cm high. All models in the current Bosch range can be height-adjusted simply by removing the top of the cabinet and fitting a purpose-made cover plate, which must be ordered separately as a spare part (part numbers WMZ2340 or WMZ20430). Siemens models WM4S493GB; WM16S493GB; WM14S794GB and WM16S794GB can all be height-reduced in the same way, using build-under kit WZ10090. Cover-plate kits from both companies should be fitted by a washing machine engineer before installation.

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