Novel ways with drying racks

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  • If your radiators, banisters and doors end up covered in damp clothes on laundry day try out our ideas for better drying...

    One of the problems with living in Britain is our lack of laundry drying space – our friends on the continent who enjoy consistently good weather make use of any outside space – but with our unpredictable weather, the likelihood is that you’ll need to do much of your laundry drying inside.

    Of course with many of us living in compact spaces or in house shares, or indeed having to launder for a brood of kids, a lack of drying space can easily become a regular domestic irritation. Before long you may well find yourself with more articles of clothing floating around than in Widow Twanky’s laundry, with socks on radiators, sheets hanging from doors and vests lingering on the banisters. It’s never a great look when unexpected visitors drop in. So we decided to find some great and novel ideas for hanging your laundry indoors.

    Do it like Downton

    It’s not new or revolutionary, but the Sheila Maid clothes airer, £59.95 from The Garden House is a style that’s been popular in Britain for well over 100 years. A great place for it is in the ceiling of your staircase – high up and out of the way.

    Wall to wall

    These elegant wall mounted wooden drying wracks are ideal for laundry rooms and bathrooms. A great space saver, these laundry ladders also look stylish and utilitarian when not in use. From £149 at Julu Home. Use code JULUHGA16 for free delivery until 4th August.

    Hide and seek

    If you’ve got a bit more budget for your laundry antics try a fitted cabinet as part of a bespoke utility room. We love the elegance of this one, from £8,000 at Charles Yorke, with its concealed clothes airer.

    Nooks and crannies

    Another example of a bespoke fitted utility room, this Handpainted Cooks utility room, from £20,000 at Mark Wilkinson Furniture will blow the budget but ensure that future laundry is a smooth operation. Everything has a space and the wall mounted clothes airer is perfectly in keeping with the country old school vibe.

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