George Clarke’s complete guide to planning a new bathroom

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  • When embarking on revamping such a personal, private space as a bathroom, it’s essential to make the right decisions early in the process. Deciding on what overall look you’re aiming for then selecting the shower fittings from the myriad options out there, then finally adding those finishing touch details that will give character and personality must surely be one of the homeowners great pleasures.

    What should you spend your budget on?

    Clever planning is key to a good-looking budget-friendly scheme and getting the finishes right is essential. Materials make a big impact on the overall design. A bathroom renovation is one of the home’s best resale investments, so even if you think it’s going to be ‘the one’ and it turns out later you want to sell, splashing out on glam finishes will always be worth it.

    What are your bathroom lighting tips?

    Good lighting will make or break your bathroom scheme if you’re on a modest budget, so it’s worth investing in. Opt for soft lighting that will create a mood in your space. Keep the ambience going with softly diffused illumination overhead instead of halogen spots. Install a dimmer switch for the best effect.

    What are the most common planning mistakes?

    Avoid trying to replicate bathrooms you see in hotels. They may not work for everyday family life. Always take into consideration the scale and size of your space when planning your scheme. There is nothing worse than white goods that look utterly ridiculous in the given space.

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