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Kitchen Central: Small kitchens

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  • Want to make the most of your small kitchen? In this episode of Kitchen Central we meet some of the best kitchen designers around and ask them for some fail-safe tips on making the most out of your small space.

    Chris Mossop, Harvey Jones
    “Small kitchens are good fun, they are quite challenging. Sometimes when you see an awkward space it is a really good opportunity to do something completely different. And bespoke cabinetry will come into play, to fit the space.”

    Tom Howley, Tom Howley
    “What we find in London is that the kitchens can be quite small. When you can’t fit a lot of cabinets into the space, go up. You can fit a two-tiered wall system in, which will help maximise the space.”

    Richard Moore, Martin Moore“
    Choose glazed or open cupboards so you see the full width of the room. When designing kitchens we would go for slim cabinets on one side of the room and full depth worktops on the other.”

    Luke Beveridge, Design Space London
    “There are a few fail-safe tips for maximising storage – use every last bit of space, make units as tall as possible to elongate the space. Magic corners and other clever mechanisms will also help use every millimetre of space.”

    Tom Howley, Tom Howley
    “In tight spaces try not to use tower units and go for built-under appliances. Keep as much workspace as you can. If it feels closed in, it won’t be a nice space to work in.”

    Pia Rosling, Sola Kitchens
    “Limit the number of appliances in small kitchens, choose built-in appliances that look like furniture.”

    Jane Powell, Roundhouse
    “The best appliances that work in small kitchens are the multi-functional ones, for example an oven with a full-size microwave in it, this means you just have one appliance and no extra clutter on the worktop.” “For a compact kitchens, instead of installing lots of individual cabinets, choose long, wide cabinets with less doors and handles for a more streamlined look.”

    Pia Rosling, Sola Kitchens
    “Choose subtle colours, run the floor from the kitchen into the other rooms. Use large format tiles so the floor looks bigger.”

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