Kitchen trends: Sliding doors

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  • In this video Helen Stone, editor of Beautiful Kitchens, shows how sliding doors can be incorporated into the kitchen to save space and add a sleek finish.

    Cabinet doors that slide, glide and fold away are a big kitchen trend at the moment. “It’s a great way to keep clutter hidden from view and to create sleek, neat lines in your kitchen,” says Helen. Internal sliding drawers and dividers are also ideal for keeping cookware organised.
    Open-plan living drives the sliding trend as kitchen appliances can be hidden if your cooking and living spaces are two of the same thing. “When needed, the doors glide back to reveal a state of the art cook station,” says Helen. Plus, as the inward sliding doors slot back into the cabinetry “there’s nothing to obscure other parts of the kitchen or to get in the way.”

    Sliding doors also reveal hidden spaces. Helen says that this sliding splash back by Siematic “is a great use of shallow space, putting oils and spices close to hand.” It shows that you don’t have to think big when incorporating sliding spaces. Neff’s Slide and Hide Oven is one of the only of the only kitchen appliances to uses a sliding mechanism. “The door opens as normal, but then slides right underneath the oven cavity. It savours you leaning over an open door and is also great for narrow kitchens and galleys where door clearance can be a real issue,” recommends Helen.

    Sliding entrance doors are also great when space is tight. Doors on runners or pocket doors that disappear into the wall are “brilliant for tight areas such as utility rooms or pantries where you might not have enough clearance space for a conventional door.”

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