Louise Oliphant

Ecommerce Writer

Louise joined the other side of the desk, as Ecommerce writer in April 2022, after managing PR efforts for a luxury bedding brand. Knowing the importance of getting a great night’s sleep, Louise brings bedding expertise to writing sleep buying guides across Ideal Homes, Livingetc, Homes & Gardens, Gardeningetc and of course Real Homes. But with a background in art, her shopping skills don’t stop at bed sheets. Louise has an eye for design (but with a minimal budget, mind), and loves nothing more than searching for contemporary design dupes to upgrade the plain space of her rented East London flat. 

Ideal Home truths 

Where is your happy place? 

Whenever I have a spare moment, whether on a weekend or an evening after work, you’ll find me at one of the many art galleries around London. From small pop-ups to larger exhibitions at the Tate or National Gallery, I’m at my happiest viewing artworks and getting inspired. 

Other than that, my bed - as a bedding specialist, I guess that’s no surprise. 

What is your home addiction? 

Glassware! And I don't just mean the tumblers you drink out of it. From glass lights, to kitchenware, and glass-topped furniture, I love the clean, transparent appearance of  glass homeware pieces. Especially if they’re coloured. 

What is your next home project? 

I find comfort in balance and clean lines - some might call it a form of Feng Shui. But I’m certainly not a minimalist! With overflowing art supplies, I’m currently on the lookout for sleek storage solutions that’ll keep my home well-organised. Tidy room, tidy mind, right.  

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