42 Easy DIY projects and fun makes to do this weekend for every room in the house

Spend the weekend ticking these simple tasks off your to-do list
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  • Are you stuck for something to do this weekend? We were, too, until we compiled this list of easy DIY tasks and projects to tackle over the weekend. It doesn’t matter whether you have two days, two hours or a handful of minutes to tackle a job, as we’ve got all bases covered. Best of all, each project on the list is easily achievable and most require minimal supplies to get them done.

    I’ve already tackled a few of these at home – begging and borrowing items like paint, a rotary sander and even old house bricks (!) from next-door neighbours.

    Of course, abiding to all-important social distancing laws is still key, so we’ve tried not to stray too far or order things unnecessarily. But you’ll be surprised how many of these easy DIY and Decorating jobs you can tick off just by using the tester pots and tools gathering dust at the back of the shed!

    If you’ve having a go at any (or all!) of these jobs, we’d love to see the results. Tag us on Instagram @idealhomeuk and add the hashtag #letsDIYthis.

    42 Easy DIY projects do this weekend

    1. Paint a faux headboard

    pink semi circle painted behind bed as a headboard

    Image credit: Crown

    Use a leftover tin of paint to transform your bedroom. ‘Creating a perfect semi-circle with paint is easier than you think’ says Judy Smith, Crown Paints Colour Consultant. ‘First of all, measure the length of your wall and mark its centre, or wherever you want the centre of your semi-circle to be.’

    ‘Hammer a nail into the spot you’ve just marked, just above the skirting board. Depending on how wide you want your semi-circle to be, measure out some string and cut it to size. The longer the string, the bigger the semi-circle. Tie one end of the string to a pencil and the other end to the nail. If you’re not allowed to use nails on your wall, extra strong tape will hold the string in place.’

    ‘Once you’re all set, start tracing out your semi-circle on the wall from one way to the other. Making sure you’re pulling the pencil tight on the string. Once you’ve drawn the outline, use a small paint brush to create a precise edge at the top of your semi-circle. You can then go in with a paint roller or larger brush to fill in the rest of the shape.’

    2. Rack out the shed

    Garden shed with shelves and racks

    Image credit: Store

    A long weekend is the perfect time to do the jobs you have been putting off, but will benefit from greatly – such as the task of racking out the shed. Get your garden storage in order to make tending to your plot a joy throughout the season ahead.

    3. Give an old piece of furniture a colourful makeover

    Pink painted wardrobe

    Image credit: Heather Young

    Do you have an old piece of wooden furniture such as a chest of drawers, sideboard or wardrobe that is looking dated and in need of a new look? A simple coat of furniture paint goes a long way to make something old feel brand new. Let this fine example inspire your own DIY project. This wardrobe transformation is the work of Ideal Home’s Editor Heather Young who has upcycled an old family heirloom for her young daughter’s room. See  Heather’s upcycled wardrobe transformation for yourself.

    4. Put up simple shelves

    floating shelves in blue kitchen

    Image credit: Polly Eltes

    A clutter free home is a happy home. A simple yet highly effective DIY and decorating task is putting up shelves to free up surface space in any room. It’s often the easy tasks we delay doing most, but we say don’t delay because the results are totally transformative. Watch our easy guide for how to put up a floating shelf.

    5. Nail together a DIY garden signpost


    Image credit: Pelargonium for Europe

    Though all the projects listed here should be relatively straightforward, we’ve starting with a REALLY easy one. And given we are finally allowed to have friends in the garden, it couldn’t be a more perfect time to do it. You can use any leftover bits of wood from indoor DIY projects and those tester pots from paint that wasn’t quite right for the walls. Here’s how: How to make a DIY garden signpost with leftover outdoor paint and upcycled wood battens

    6. Make a family of grizzly planters


    Image credit: Hobbycraft

    This grrrrr-eat little project for pot plants with personality is one you can get the kids involved with. It uses air-drying clay, which is readily available online, plus acrylic paint and some sandpaper. Try your hand: How to make DIY bear plant pots.

    7. Give your shower door a steel-framed makeover

    Image credit: Jasmine Gurney

    Next up, we’ve taken a tip from savvy DIYer Jasmine of Instagram’s @_OhAbode. She gave her shower screen this cool Crittall-style finish using black electrical tape. The budget hack cost the grand total of £2, but looks super stylish. See this savvy  before and after crittall effect shower door hack made for just £2!

    8. Transform doors and windows with film


    Image credit: The Window Film Company

    Window film is available to buy online, but you can also buy designs at the likes of B&Q and Screwfix. Use it to create an on-trend fluted pattern on plain glass doors, or to give yourself more privacy by covering the bottom half of windows.

    9. Paint the ceiling

    Image credit: Future PLC/ David Giles

    It’s got to be one of the biggest and most transformative decorating trends of the year. And painting the ceiling is a bold change that will make a room feel dramatic, cosy, and that bit more ‘designer’. It’s easy to achieve, too.

    10. Panel your walls


    Image credit: Future PLC/ Dominic Blackmore

    Another big trend hitting homes in 2021 is the one for wall panelling. It’s now readily available in DIY stores as primed-to-paint, stick-to-the-wall panels. But you can also have a go creating a bespoke look with MDF batons or strips. Take a look at our wall panelling ideas for different options and the basics of how to do the job.

    11. Upcycle a chest of drawers into a planter


    Image credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole

    We love this brilliant idea for breathing new life into an unloved piece of furniture by literally filling it with new life! Paint and some plastic lining to hold the soil are the main ingredients for this satisfying job. Let’s DIY this! How to upcycle a planter – just in time for summer.

    12. Hang new curtains

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Nick Pope

    Do you have a pair you’ve been meaning to hang for a while? Or are you thinking of running up some new curtains yourself? This guide might help…Here’s How to hang curtains beautifully – whether in a tricky bay window or a simple setting.

    13. Paint the stairs


    Image credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole

    Stick of the sight of that stained old stair carpet? Tear it up and replace with a gorgeous paint job. You could try a graduated ombre effect using a range of tests pots on the risers, keeping to one colour on treads. Let’s DIY this: How to paint a staircase to transform your hallway by painting your steps.

    14. Create a garden path or edge a border with old bricks


    Image credit: Future PLC

    Put that pile of leftover bricks to good use and make a path that mirrors the shape of your flowerbeds. Lay them long and sideways in a bed of gravel to create a patterned curve.

    15. Hang your photos


    image credit: Future PLC/ Simon Whitmore

    Why not use this time to audit all the photos on your phone, then print a few out and create a wall of photos?

    Play with composition – especially in areas like stairways or hallways, where walls are often bare and uninspired. For a smarter look, stick to photo frames of the same colour, and print all photos in either colour or black and white, rather than mixing and matching.

    16. Wallpaper the bathroom


    Image credit: Future PLC/ David Giles

    All that white sanitaryware does put a bathroom in danger of feeling cold and clinical. One way to add colour is to paper the walls in an on-trend botanical print. you can use any wallpaper to do this  – as long as you treat it correctly.

    17. Try this spice rack hack


    Image credit: Future/Dominic Blackmore

    Spice racks can be so much more than storage for your garam masala! Hang them upside down and they become a rail for hanging baby clothes or jewellery. And the right way up, they can hold anything from plants to books.

    18. Tile a splashback

    Tile a splashback

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Jake Curtis

    Protect the wall behind a sink or oven with a newly tiled splashback. You can give a kitchen, bathroom or cloakroom a whole new look in just an afternoon! Let’s DIY this! How to tile a splashback to protect walls and add a splash of style to your decor scheme.

    19. Build a pallet sofa


    Turn your garden into another room and give the whole family more space by building a sofa out of old pallets. Let’s DIY this: How to make pallet garden furniture – a step-by-step guide.

    20. Paint your front door

    sell home front door

    image credit: TI Media

    Impress your neighbours by painting your door, boosting your home’s curb appeal. Let’s DIY this: How to paint your front door to offer plenty of kerb appeal

    21. Turn a wine rack into a towel holder

    Looking for affordable bathroom storage? Take an inexpensive wine rack, fix it to the wall or pop it on a vanity unit and use it to store rolled up towels.

    22. Make trendy terrazzo plant pots

    Image credit: Rust-Oleum

    Bored teens might like to try this fun make. Give plain plant pots a jazzy makeover with our simple guide on How to make terrazzo planters – create some pretty plant pots for your greenery.

    23. Paint your fences

    front garden ideas

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Allun Calendar

    Get that garden ready for barbecue weather and paint the fences. You don’t need to stick to one colour or stain – why not try a pretty pattern? Let’s DIY this: How to paint a fence

    24. Add pizzazz with a mural

    Image credit: Future PLC/ James French

    Grab those tester pots and let your imagination run wild! See all our imaginative paint ideas – to create feature walls and paint effects to give any room a makeover.

    25. Paint your floorboards


    Image credit: Future PLC/ Lizzie Orme

    Sort out that tatty old wooden floor by painting it white, or go further and add a patterned stencil for extra wow! Let’s DIY this! How to paint floorboards white or any other colour – plus tips for adding a stylish stencil pattern

    26. Make a macrame plant hanger

    You’ll find this knotted make super relaxing! Let’s DIY this: How to make a macrame plant hanger to add greenery to your home

    27. Paint your kitchen units

    red patterned kitchen splashback

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole

    Give your tired kitchen a whole new look by painting the units…Let’s DIY this! How to paint kitchen cabinets – give your units a whole new look

    28. Or just change the cabinet handles


    Image credit: Ikea

    You can order these sexy leather pulls online from IKEA. All you’ll need for this is a screwdriver and your replacement handles!

    Buy now: Osternas leather handles, £15 for two, IKEA

    29. Cover your worktops with vinyl and fake a marble look

    white kitchen worktop ideas

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Lizzie Orme

    You could also revamp a dining or coffee table with an easy-to-use marble effect film. The adhesive film simple sticks to your existing work surface to provide a new look in an instant.

    30. Build a living plant wall


    Image credit: Dobbies

    Go green indoors or out with the ultimate plant wall. Our friends at Dobbies have explained exactly how to get wall of fabulous foliage. Let’s DIY this: How to make a living plant wall

    31. Upcycle a bathroom vanity unit

    Give an old table or chest a second chance, and potentially create more storage in the bathroom.Discover How to upcycle a vanity unit – to create a super-stylish piece of furniture.

    32. Wallpaper your stair risers

    How to wallpaper stairs

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Jake Curtis

    If painting them isn’t enough, here’s a fun way to add pattern. Let’s DIY this: How to wallpaper your stairs to add colour to your hallway.

    33. Swap your door handles


    Image credit: Future PLC/ Paul Raeside

    It’s a simple job that will take less than an hour! Let’s DIY this: How to fit a door handle – change your door knob for a new one.

    34. Plant a hanging basket or two

    hanging basket

    Image credit: Future PLC/Mark Scott

    There’s an art to it, but do it right and you’ll bring colour to your garden all summer long. Follow these top tips: How to plant a hanging basket  totransform your garden with this pretty outdoor accessory

    35. Switch your kitchen tap


    Image credit: Future PLC/Malcolm Menzies

    Sick of the drips? You can do this yourself in a jiffy! Let’s DIY this! How to change a tap and give your kitchen a fresh new look

    36. Make your own ‘stoneware’ vases with spray paint!

    DIY stone-effect 3

    Image credit: Rust-Oleum

    Become a craft potter without the mess of moulding clay. Let’s DIY this: How to create a stunning stone-effect vase for just £6 using a can of spray paint

    37. Make a pallet bed

    Image Credit: Brent Darby

    Taken from the brilliant book ‘Pallet Style’, this more ambitious make might take the weekend. But if you are looking for a new bed right now and can’t have one delivered, this might provide a temporary solution. Let’s DIY this: How to make your own pallet bed – a step-by-step guide.

    Buy now: Pallet Style: 20 Creative Home Porjects by Nikkita Palmer, £11, Amazon

    38. Set up an outdoor cinema


    Image credit: Cuprinol

    Take move nights outdoors for a change of scene. Let’s DIY this: How to make an outdoor cinema in your back garden to enjoy movies without having to leave the house.

    39. Sew some pretty bathroom storage

    Image credit: Hobbycraft

    Our friends at Hobbycraft shared this easy make with us. If you’re looking to tame the clutter of toiletries in your bathroom, why not grab some scraps of fabric and have a go? Here’s how: How to make fabric bathroom storage boxes – for toiletries, make-up and hair accessories

    40. Build a ‘mum cave’ under the stairs

    Mum cave 5

    Image credit: SWNS

    One of our favourite stories of the year so far comes from a mum that decided to create a little escape in the small cupboard under the stairs.

    41. Use kitchen storage to reorganise your workstation


    Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore

    Working from home? Bring a bit of order to your desk by using kitchen storage – such as this trough and spice rack – as a place to stash stationery.

    42. Brighten up an outdoor wall

    Plants in picture frames n garden wall

    Image credit: Sandtex

    Paint old frames in different bright colours and fill them with succulents for a dramatic transformation. You could do the same with mirrors, too!

    Here’s how to do it: How to make a wall garden with succulent plants in picture frames

    Good luck with your projects, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @idealhomeuk and add the hashtag #letsDIYthis.

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