Home Decor Ideas

Forget what you think you know about home decorating ideas, beyond making a room look pretty, a particular colour scheme or paint technique can have a transformative effect on how a room looks and feels. 

When brainstorming home decorating ideas for every room it is important to think about the purpose of the room and the effect you are trying to achieve. You can make a living room with a low ceiling feel high by painting a faux picture rail in, or double the size of a hallway with a smart flooring pattern.However, don’t forget the small, finishing touches, whether that is choosing the best houseplant for your bathroom, or styling a gallery wall.

Our expert stylists at Ideal Home know exactly how to interpret home decor trends in a way that is flattering and functional for your home. Whether you are considering looking for ways to revamp your home for under £100 or looking for the best lighting to add to a room, our budget decorating ideas and expert guides will help get you started.