Bathroom cabinet organisation rules to follow for a clean, clutter-free and calming space

The rules to keeping your bathroom storage organised in as little time as possible

Bathroom with mid century modern cabinet
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We all want our bathrooms to be a place of relaxation, but without following bathroom cabinet organisation rules to ensure it stays tidy, it might be hard to decompress. 

A bathroom is where we take long showers, hot bubble baths and prioritise self-care. But it can't be spa-like if your cabinet is overflowing and your countertops are cluttered with shampoo bottles, face washes and other toiletries. 

You might think it’s as easy hiding all your miscellaneous bathroom essentials behind the mirrored doors of your medicine cabinet. But creating tranquillity in the room where you wash is more than making it look minimalist and lighting a candle. Whether you have under-the-sink storage, shelving or even just a bath caddy to keep your things in, there’s an art to sorting your bathroom storage ideas

Plus, having a clean and tidy bathroom has benefits beyond aesthetics. Whatever bathroom idea you have, remember It’s a functional space and keeping it in check is vital for efficient morning routines - especially in busy households. 

Bathroom cabinet organisation rules to follow  

We’ve spoken to organisation experts and bathroom designers to help you get your bathroom cabinet ideas looking, and feeling bliss. From making sure you can find your vitamins to keeping your go-to skincare within easy reach, we’ll teach you how to organise your bathroom cabinet in easy steps that won't be overwhelming. 

1. Start with a declutter

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Every organisation task starts with a declutter. But this can be easier said than done. As Ava Wilson, cleaning expert at Unclutterer explains, 'de-cluttering your bathroom isn't just about removing items that are out of date or you don’t use - though you should do this too - it’s about carefully considering what truly adds value to your daily routine.'

So if you like to stay stocked up on your favourite shampoo, toothpaste and skincare, it’s time to stop. Bulk buying your bathroom essentials often leaves little space for anything else, especially if you have a small bathroom

2. Organise according to use

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Once you've pared down your cabinets to just the essentials it’s time to put them into categories. Group your medicines, skincare, haircare, body washes, cleaning supplies and whatever else together. Then, organise according to use. 

If you reach for your vitamins every morning, make sure they sit at the front of the cabinet. Only wear makeup once a week? Keep it in a bag further back in the cupboard. ‘This not only simplifies finding what you need but also enhances the overall aesthetics of your cabinets,' Ava explains. 

But bathroom cabinets are also home to various miscellaneous items you don’t know where to keep. Hair ties, travel minis, a shower cap, and a couple of tea lights, just to name a few. Ava advises using ‘uniform containers, like glass jars or acrylic containers to create a cohesive look.’

3. Consider hygiene

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Bathroom cabinet space should be saved for things that need to be kept behind closed doors. Not only because there are certain items we might not want ‘on show’, but also because airborne particles in a bathroom could contaminate whatever is left nearby.

For example, personal medicines, hygiene products or even toothbrushes should be kept inside a bathroom cabinet. If you have an electric toothbrush, the cabinet can be a great place to put chargers, spare heads and travel cases too. If you have bathroom shelving ideas in your design, it's best to use these for more decorative items. 

4. Choose clever storage solutions

Bathroom with wooden storage cabinet under sink and shower

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There are lots of different bathroom cabinet ideas, and how you organise it will depend on its size, style and shape.

​​Wayne Spriggs, CEO and founder of Lusso explains, ‘it’s important to utilise what space you have with clever storage. By incorporating storage that provides function and visual appeal, you can create the illusion of more space, and have more places to put things.’

If you have tall bathroom cabinets, for example, introducing modular shelving or stackable containers will mean you can make use of height. If your cabinets are deep, adding a lazy susan allows for easy access to items you keep at the back of the cupboard. 

5. Utilise door space

Bathroom with mid century modern cabinet

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Many bathroom cabinet doors are unused, but they can add precious storage space to a more compact space. Ava suggests ‘installing small racks, hooks, or magnetic strips on the inside of a cabinet door to add some much-needed extra storage options.' 

'This space is ideal for storing smaller items like hair ties, tweezers, or even lightweight hair tools without cluttering up the main cabinet space.’ 

6. Maintain with regular checks

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Just like a pantry or kitchen cupboard, you reach for items in your bathroom cabinet daily. This is why it’s important to regularly maintain it with regular stock rotations and tidy-ups. 

Stay on top of your product use and clean out any empty bottles before adding new ones to your cabinet. If you store medicines in your bathroom cupboard, you should stay on top of expiry dates too. It can be easy to stash away pill packets past when they’re able to be used. 

Organising your bathroom cupboard is not a one-time job, Ava suggests clearing out and starting the process again every 4-6 weeks. 


What should you store in a bathroom cabinet?

You might think a relaxing bathroom is a minimalist one. But it’s important to remember not everything needs to go behind your bathroom cabinet doors. 

In fact, Wayne suggests ‘hanging up all towels, including the clean ones, rather than folding them up and putting them on shelves. This creates a more spa-like aesthetic and avoids overloading your cabinet with items that don’t need to be there.’ 

Bathroom with olive green cabinet

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How to maximise storage in a small bathroom

Wayne suggests maximising storage in a small bathroom is all about floor space. Rather than opting for free-standing cabinets for extra storage space, you should choose floating fixtures such as bathroom shelving ideas and vanity units.

‘Modular shelves with clever accessories like hooks and organisers are perfect for any bathroom size and style. Both towels and bathroom essentials can be stored,' agrees Bo Hellberg, CMO at String Furniture.

‘Using less floor space is a smart way to make your room appear bigger.’ states Wayne. You can also slot items such as baskets or bins underneath the vanity. As well as clever storage, consider choosing wall-hung toilets, and wall-hung basins for a barely-there aesthetic, offering a minimalist theme. This keeps your space neat and uncluttered, which is essential for a small space while allowing optimum storage space inside.

Organising your bathroom cabinet is a prime task to tick off your weekend to-do list before enjoying your clean and tidy space with a Sunday night bath. The effect will be a clutter-free space that is sanitary and easier to relax in. 

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