Steve May

Steve May is a veteran of the VHS Vs Betamax format wars, which raged during the 1980s, and long standing (but more often sitting) home entertainment enthusiast. An audio and video technology specialist, Steve contributes to a variety of popular UK websites and publications.

Creator of Home Cinema Choice magazine, Steve muses and reviews for Trusted reviews, T3, TechRadar, Pocket-Lint, Home Cinema Choice  and the i newspaper. He’s also the editor of professional home cinema website Inside CI, and contributor to industry trade magazine ERT.

Steve also scribbles about design and lifestyle technologies for Inside ID.

From 4K UHD screens to Dolby Atmos AV receivers, Steve specialises in all aspects of home entertainment. You can’t move at his place for tellies, Blu-ray players, soundbars and Hi-Fi gear.

Steve has converted one of the rooms in his family home into a cinema, but woe betide anyone that gets out a mobile phone or eats a noisy snack during a screening.

Always happy to offer advice, Steve regularly passes judgement in the annual T3 Tech Awards, the Pocket-Lint Awards, the Smart Building Awards and the ERT electronics industry trade Awards.

When not writing about gadgets and gizmos he can usually be found in the front row of London’s best cinemas, at home bingeing boxsets, or bagging and boarding his comic book collection.

He has yet to decide what he wants to do when he grows up.

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