THESE are the interiors trends that Brits regret the most

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  • Can you guess what number 1 is?

    You’re not alone if you regret the interior decor of your past, with the majority of Brits saying that they dislike the interiors trends of previous decades.

    The survey, conducted by Terry’s Fabrics, revealed which retro interior trends Brits would rather forget, and which decades’ decor inspiration should be left well and truly in the past.

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    It is unsurprising that the top of the regrets was the classic 70s trend, avocado bathrooms, with more than half (51%) of Brits voting it the interior trend they disliked the most. Although we do love an avocado now – the fruit and motif – not the bathroom suite.

    Trends that Brits disliked the most

    1. Avocado bathrooms (51%)

    retro trends

    Image credit: Terrys Fabrics

    2. Inflatable furniture (38%)
    3. 70s Wallpaper (36%)
    4. Patterned carpets (34%)
    5. Carpeted bathrooms (33%)

    Worst decade for trends

    1. 1970s (43%)
    2. 1960s (20%)
    3. 1950s (15%)
    4. 1980s (12%)

    Living room carpet with sofa, coffee table, floor-length curtains and table lamps.

    5. 1990s (6%)

    Overall, the nation showed a big dislike for 70s interiors, with 43% of respondents claiming it was the worst decade for decorating trends.

    However, when looking at each age group individually, almost a third (30%) of 18-24 year olds actually picked the 70s as the decade they liked most for interior trends. Yes, really!

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    Furthermore, 2010s interiors appeal the most, with Brits choosing it as the best decade for trends (35%). This transpired in the specific trends that Brits liked the most, with four of the top five being popular 2010s trends. The most popular, Scandinavian interiors, has seen a 63% year-on-year increase in people searching for the term.

    Trends that Brits liked the most

    1. Scandinavian minimalism (28%)

    Scandi-style living room with large arc lamp interiors trends

    2. Exposed brick (19%)
    3. Shabby chic (18%)
    4. Botanical (17%)

    interiors trends

    5. 1920s art deco (16%)

    Exposed brick and shabby chic interiors also made the top five – although men and women feel differently about them both, with men preferring exposed brick over shabby chic by more than 10% and women preferring shabby chic over exposed brick by 5%.

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    ‘It’s interesting that 70s decor is disliked the most, as we often see retro trends coming back into popularity. Interestingly, a modern twist on avocado, ‘sage green’, is set to be a popular colour scheme in 2018, so watch out for those green bathrooms making a comeback,’ says Paul McGuiness, Owner at Terry’s Fabrics.

    Although, at the time, we loved all the quirky furniture ideas and design tricks, we hope they don’t make a comeback…

    What interiors trends is your most detested? We’d love to know!

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