This George Home garden furniture set sold out within days – but the designer lookalike is finally back in stock

So snap yours up before it's gone again!

Metal Slat 3 Piece Bench Set
(Image credit: George Home)

Garden furniture is all we can think about at the moment as we sort out out patios and gardens ahead of summer. One piece that we've been lusting after is George Home’s metal slat garden bench set which sold out within days of its launch last month. But it's finally back!

After weeks of stalking this product online to see the ‘out of stock’ sign disappear, we can hardly contain our excitement. And there are a couple of reasons why this is one of the best garden furniture sets we’ve seen to date. And many would clearly agree given the George Home Metal Slat 3 Piece Bench Set  sellout status.

The main one is its almost identical to the hugely popular but sadly rather pricey HAY Palissade outdoor furniture. But while similar configurations from HAY would set you back by anywhere from £1,400 to £2,400, the George Home set sells for mere £249. Needless to say, we’re not surprised people went crazy for it.

Metal Slat 3 Piece Bench Set

(Image credit: George Home)

George Home’s sellout garden furniture set is back

Danish design brand HAY is best known for its colourful storage crates, which have inspired many a dupe. And now, it’s the company’s Palissade patio collection, available through Holloways of Ludlow, that is getting its very own dupe thanks to George Home.

Both designs are notable for their curved metal slat construction, both of which are also made of galvanised steel to prevent corrosion. But while the George Home design comes only in one colour, an olive green, and one available set of a dining table and two matching benches, HAY provides a whole world of choices.

Made in five different colour finishes, including the olive green shade similar to George Home’s, only a little bit darker, the HAY Palissade outdoor furniture is sold both as sets and individual pieces to build your own. But you do end paying the price for such luxuries.  

HAY Palissade patio collection

(Image credit: Holloways of Ludlow)

But why do people like either of these garden furniture sets? They are a modern and cool take on garden furniture which looks high end, which is something many look for these days. As we know based on the popularity of Habitat’s designer-style garden furniture debuted earlier this year.

So if you, too, like the George Home garden bench set, then better be quick to snap your up before they’re all gone again.

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