Give your house instant kerb appeal with a fresh new look

If your home is crying out for a little facelift Cedral is the perfect solution

Cedral clad houses
(Image credit: Cedral)

Sometimes interior renovations can only go so far in helping you create your dream home. If the exterior of your home is looking a little tired, Cedral is a great option for completely transforming your house. 

Dream interiors, deserve to be matched with a beautiful facade. However, when life gets busy it can be hard to make time to maintain your homes exterior. That’s were Cedral comes in, not only can it boost your kerb appeal, it is also low maintenance and hardwearing. 

Cedral cladding is made out of durable fibre cement, this means it can easily withstand harsh weather conditions. It doesn’t need regular repainting, and won’t rot, rust, warp or crack. In fact Cedral promises that it will have a minimum life expectancy of 50 years. 

Natalie and James Davies from Cowbridge, who used Cedral on their own home say: ‘We love the fact we can just wash it down when needed. We wanted the exterior to be easy to look after, have the wow factor and last a lifetime.’

Cedral clad houses

(Image credit: Cedral)

 Make a style statement 

The new Cedral collections include a range of 21 shades each curated into 4 distinctive living styles to make it easy to find your perfect colour match. For the design conscious looking to make a modern statement  there is a range of monochromatic colours, while those looking to blend their homes into nature can choose from a range of grounding neutral shades. 

Quick and easy installation 

The installation process couldn’t be easier. The Cedral cladding is made up of a lightweight structure, easy-cut planks and a dry fitting mortar-free process, making the process quick and easy. You can also take advantage of using a Cedral Select Professional Installer, they will be vetted and certified by Cedral, and able to do the job for you.

Cedral clad houses

(Image credit: Cedral)

Added Protection 

However, it isn’t just a fresh new look that the Cedral boards offer. They also act like a second skin on a building’s exterior and are frost, mould and water resistant. Cedral cladding  also has an excellent fire performance classification of A2-s1, d0.

During the installation process you can also opt to improve the insulation in your home. You can an extra insulation added when the cladding is fitted to improve the heat retention and minimise outside noise leaking into your home. 

What design collection would you use to transform your home?

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