How to organise a basement and attic for maximum storage according to an expert

Storage experts share their top tips
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  • When it comes to finding places to store Christmas decorations or old belongings many of us turn to our basements or attics. However, without proper care, these areas can soon become chaotic dumping grounds.

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    If this is the case in your home, the storage experts at Space Station have put together their top tip on how to organise a basement and attic. To help you get the most out of these storage spaces.

    How to organise a basement and attic

    1.Empty the space before re-organising

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    Lofts and basements can become a swamp of forgotten items. Avoid this by emptying the space and working out what you have space to keep. Once you have this base you can plan how to organise the space effectively.

    2.Carry out any upkeep on the spaces

    When it comes to upkeep, lofts and basements are usually low on the list. However, before storing any of your belongings in them make sure they are safe and secure.

    Damp proofing a basement and boarding the floor of an attic are two important measures you should consider before storing items in them.

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    3.Declutter as you go

    An attic or basement can often be an easy place to hide things you’re reluctant to throw away. Before you know it you can be overrun by forgotten clothes and toys.

    When storing items away think carefully about whether you need it. That way you’ll have plenty of space for things you do want to keep.

    4.Maximise the space

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    Make the most of the space by installing shelving around the room. Storing upwards like this can increase your storage and make sure any Christmas decorations, camping equipment or other belongings are easy to find.

    5. Make use of airtight containers

    Things stashed in a cellar or loft are likely to get a little dusty. To avoid any damage, store things in airtight plastic containers.

    Vacuum bags are perfect for storing bedding or clothes. While plastic containers will help keep Christmas decorations in order.

    ‘A huge range of properties, both old and new, have cellar and loft space that will either not be used at all or is simply a dumping ground for those old belongings we’re putting off sorting out or avoiding throwing away,’ says Vlatka Lake, Marketing Manager at Space Station.

    ‘With just a few easy steps, you can quickly turn these forgotten spaces into a primary area for storing even some of your more bulky items, to help you really get the most out of your living space, and we’re confident our tips will encourage homeowners to do just that without breaking the bank.’

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    Are you getting the most out of your basement or attic?

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