Bedroom storage ideas that are smart, ingenious and versatile

A bedroom should be a place to relax and unwind - not somewhere you have to fight through a clutter of shoes, clothes and toiletries

Finding the right bedroom storage design ideas might keep you up at night, but don’t panic. Whether it’s a lack of wardrobes, drawers or hanging space making your bedroom feel less like a calm boudoir and more walk-in-wardrobe, there’s no shortage of clever space-creating storage solutions to help you create your perfect sleep space.

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Stack, slide and style your bedside tables

Bedroom storage ideas

Image credit: Mark Scott

Modern bedside tables make versatile storage in master bedrooms or guest rooms. A single drawer is enough to hold bedside essentials or small toiletry items, so the space underneath acts as a mini book stack when traditional shelving is not an option. Reserve the top surface for a lamp, your current book and any other items you like to have immediately to hand.

Go for classic wooden drawers

bedroom storage ideas

Image credit: Spike Powell

Keep things traditional in a country bedroom scheme. Choose a chest of drawers in keeping with other furniture in your room and stow it next to your bed so it can also function as a bedside table. Hang a pretty mirror above it and keep a smart upholstered chair nearby which can also serve as a dressing table. If space is too tight for a foot-of-the-bed storage chest, go for a basket instead – it’s perfect for storing extra linen and bits and bobs. This glorious scheme is brought together by a fabulous backdrop of full-on floral wallpaper.

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Reflect on fitted wardrobes

bedroom storage ideas

Image credit: Paul Raeside

Mirrored wardrobes seem to be a little out of favour these days, but don’t rule them out. This fabulous bedroom is the all the more stylish for its smart fitted furniture – follow its lead by going for pairs of slimline mirror inserts rather than full mirrored doors. The run of oversized round handles adds a quirky touch. When designing a fitted wardrobe, balance the space you will gain for storage against the space you will ‘lose’ in the main room. Decide where your hanging, drawer and shelf space will sit – in your wardrobe or within the main room? When designing mirrored doors, bear in mind how they will reflect the room – here, the play of floral wallpaper is kept in check by the white painted ceiling and suggests another space beyond the wardrobe.

Double up with your alcoves

Bedroom storage ideas

Image credit: Logan Irvine-MacDougall

Design a bedroom around your storage requirements. If you have a large chimney breast with alcoves either side, use it as the central device in your decorating scheme and place your bed in front of it. Fit alcove shelves for books and decorative pieces so you won’t need to provide floorstanding shelves or cupboards. Be clever with fitted alcove units and design them low enough to function as bedside cabinets. Go for hanging bedside pendants rather than table lamps so you can free up surface space for additional storage or display.

Love slimline, freestanding furniture

bedroom storage ideas

Image credit: Polly Eltes

Look for freestanding bedroom storage that takes up minimal floor space, while offering maximum capacity. Go for open shelving units that are narrow enough to sit next to or at the foot of your bed – these four shelves provide ample storage for bedtime reading. Make the most of freestanding storage, moving it when you want to reconfigure your room or using it for decorative items or storage baskets.

Let storage shine

bedroom storage ideas

Image credit: Jan Baldwin

While we all love seamless, streamlined bedroom storage, you’ve got to adore those statement pieces, too. Why not make your mark with a gloriously glamorous mirrored chest of drawers and set it against a backdrop of stunning statement wallpaper? Bring in a signature table lamp, chair and wall-hung mirror so that there’s no mistaking your star piece of storage.

Tackle small items with baskets

bedroom storage ideas

Image credit: Simon Bevan

Use boxes, baskets, bins and trays to maximum capacity and have storage that’s both efficient and pleasing to the eye. The right containers are essential to making any space look neat, even at a moment’s notice – just toss things in and you’re done. This wicker basket is not only perfect for dividing and conquering pillows and throws, it also looks pretty and creates an interesting feature in this rustic, relaxed bedroom scheme.

Opt for multi-functional furniture

bedroom storage ideas

Image credit: Simon Bevan

Incorporate practical pieces that have many uses. We all need a place to keep our bits and bobs so a good storage unit, like this one that can be accessed from all sides, is vital to keep your bedroom clutter-free. This circular, out-there bookcase also doubles-up as a room divider – great for open plan spaces and for stacking with sleek storage boxes.

Don’t waste an alcove

bedroom storage ideas

Image credit: David Cleveland

Build a few bespoke shelves into an unused space. Storage isn’t always about concealing belongings. If you have objects that are worthy of showing off then display them along an open shelf. Match them to the wall colour for a seamless, unobtrusive look or create a feature with a contrasting material. Shelving that runs from floor to ceiling takes advantage of all the space available.

Play dress up

bedroom storage ideas

Image credit: Jason Ingram

Put your face on at an elegant white dressing table. Its drawers are and drawer knobs have just enough wear to add character, and classic top with fitted vanity mirror provides plenty of storage for lotions, potions and hairbrushes. This purist scheme is anything but dull – the space oozes sophistication and refined glamour. And for when natural light isn’t an option, the swing-arm lamp provides the ideal amount of task light.

Work in a theme

bedroom storage ideas

Image credit: Neil Mersh

Take a different approach and opt for a wardrobe of contemporary calibre. Bring some sunshine into your home with an injection of tropical colour. Both relaxing and uplifting, tropical decor is a big interior design trend for the new season and will add bags of personality to your room. Get the most from your wardrobe by investing in some large vacuum bags. These ingenious storage solutions allow you to keep out-of-season clothes in the smallest possible space plus they protect against moths, too.

Plan wisely with hidden storage

bedroom storage ideas

Image credit: James French

Make the most of your wardrobe space with a neat, discreet storage unit. A combination of drawers, shelves and rattan boxes creates a stylish dressing table that wouldn’t look out of place in a Scandinavian household. Great for keeping things concealed, simply close the doors to tuck it all away, keep your bedroom scheme looking sleek, streamlined and best of all, clutter-free.

Utilise a compact space

bedroom storage ideas

Image credit: Colin Poole

In a small, awkwardly shaped space you need pieces that work extra hard. Loft rooms can be tricky to furnish due to the sloping eaves and low ceilings, so consider turning one side of the room into a haven for storage. Here, an oversized chest of drawers with 19 compartments in varying sizes will house all your bedroom essentials, while an ethnic-inspired basket adds a flash of colour.

Shape up with unusual shelving

bedroom storage ideas

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Make a display different by swapping flat shelves for hexagonal boxes and papering the insides. These unusual shelves are both functional and fashionable. In these calm colours a bedroom can double as a quiet office space (and your desk can be a dressing table, too). Contrast grey with a warm, cheerful colour. Soft yellow is the perfect foil to pale grey, giving a gentle contrast in the bedroom.

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Take inspiration from elsewhere in the home

bedroom storage ideas

Image credit: Jeremy Philips

Usually reserved for kitchens, a pretty, painted dresser will work equally well in the bedroom. This design features an abundance of storage space and has been painted in the same colour palette for a seamless finish. Line the insides of the cupboard with decorative wallpaper to add a touch of colour, thus making your belongings a feature rather than afterthought.

Consider shelving along the wall

bedroom storage ideas

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Short on display space? Think about building an alcove shelf into the unused section of wall behind the bed. The shelf visually frames the bed and acts as a mantelpiece to a host of trinkets, vases, books and artwork, adding much-needed interest in a small space. Play it safe by painting it white and work colour in with accessories for a look that can be changed year-on-year with minimal fuss.

Will you be using any of these bedroom storage ideas in your scheme?

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