Caramel Quin

Caramel Quin


Caramel Quin is an award-winning journalist and professional nerd who tests technology for newspapers, magazines and online. She has written for Ideal Home since 2012. She prides herself on real-world testing and translating geek speak into plain English. Her pet hates are jargon, pointless products and over-complicated instruction manuals. Caramel is an engineering graduate who has won multiple awards for communicating hi-tech subjects to normal people. She understands the acronyms and tech specs so you don’t have to. As well as writing on tech, Caramel has appeared as a technology expert on the BBC, Sky News and GMTV, and done countless radio and podcast interviews. Caramel lives in east London with her two children, dog, three cats and 10 rescue chickens… all of whom assist her in destruction testing home electricals for us.

Ideal Home Truths

Where’s your happy place?

I have an allotment just five minutes’ walk from home, with a secret gate from the forest. It’s more shabby than chic, but it’s my peaceful place, whether I’m digging or sipping coffee while staring at nature.

What’s your home addiction?

Storage. I find it easier to build ever more storage than to have a clear-out. My nickname when I’m old will be Caramel “ten sheds” Quin. Only the hens in the garden prevent me having too many sheds right now!

What is your next home project?

I’m about to build my first standing desk and make a new workspace. Though, as with all jobs, there’s some tidying to do first…

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