Luke Edwards

Luke Edwards


As an experienced journalist, editor and consultant, Luke is well versed in all things tech, specifically in smart homes. He has worked in this world for over 20 years and loves testing, reviewing and working with brands on new gadgets. Not only does this mean he's got plenty of experience reviewing tech, but that he is in a good position to see how trends have appeared and caught on or been left by the wayside. As such he consults for many tech companies helping them create new gadgets. All that adds up to words which you can expect to give you clear guidance on what's worth investing in, to upgrade your home and your life for now and the future.

Ideal Home Truths

Where is your happy place?

I have a few. On a surfboard in the sea, walking up a mountain in nature, on a yoga mat, reading a book at home, or building sandcastles with my children on the beach.

What's your home addiction?

I love woodwork and recently built my own TV cabinet unit into a recess in the lounge. Next project is a custom slide-out cupboard setup under the stairs.

What is your next home project?

Aside from wood works, the next major project is a new front garden setup – think Japanese stone paths meet raised beds for home farming - with plenty of tasty food growing and sweet smelling flowers. Add in some smart watering tech, solar powered lights and I should be out there a lot.

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