Best video doorbells – the best doorbell cameras to secure your home

The best video doorbells to help keep an eye on security and deliveries - with notifications sent to your phone - from Ring, Nest and more.

The old standard chimes are dead, and in their place are the best video doorbells. Instead of simply alerting you to the arrival of a visitor, these smart devices allow you to see who is outside and even communicate with them without leaving the sofa.

Pairing home security with smart home convenience, video doorbells give you the power to keep an eye on the area around your house even when you're not there, and makes missing a package much more difficult.

For example, have you ever heard a knock at the door right when you've just started the washing up? Or had a guest arrive early while you're still at the shops? The best video doorbells solve these problems and more besides.

They also serve a vital security purpose, and many can be used alongside the best security cameras and alarms.

Of course, these devices cost a good chunk more than the classic version, so you may be questioning whether it's worth the investment? Below we list our favourite video doorbells for a variety of budgets, as well as offer advice on how to make the best choice.

The best video doorbells 2024

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Google Nest video doorbell with Ideal Home approved badge on a white background

(Image credit: Google)

1. Google Nest Hello

Best video doorbell overall


Video: HDR video
Audio: High-quality speaker and microphone
Power: 12 V AC – 24 V AC; requires an 8 VA transformer and wired doorbell

Reasons to buy

Clear Images
Easy installation

Reasons to avoid

Requires a wired doorbell and chime

Google bought Nest, so it now features as part of its line-up for smart home products. So if you own a Thermostat, Home or Nest Wi-Fi, then this is an excellent addition to that ecosystem which is all run through one app. That means Google Assistant integration for door alerts on your Google Home speaker, which also means Google smarts.

As such, this doorbell is clever enough to recognise faces. That means you can have it alert you only when you want to know a particular person, say when your child gets home late. Thanks to the HD video with HDR, this is clear to see, which we found meant you got a clear image even when sunlight was in the background or when in night vision mode.

The look is super minimal, and the easy installation process goes along with that. But it's backed by robust 128-bit encryption, so you don't need to worry about security. You can also rest easy on recharging as this only comes in a hardwired version. That can make installation challenging if you don't already have a doorbell wired in. But it means you can get the video to record constantly for you to scroll back through, for up to three hours at a time, without worrying about battery life. But, of course, you'll have to pay if you want to store video for the longer term.

Ideal Home rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Ring video doorbell on a white background

(Image credit: Ring)

2. Ring Doorbell Pro

Best Ring doorbell


Video: 1080 HD video
Audio: Two-way audio
Power: Hardwire to existing doorbell kit or via Plug-In Adapter

Reasons to buy

Slim design
Interchangeable plates

Reasons to avoid

Requires professional installation and an existing doorbell

Yes, it's a Ring doorbell appearing again early on in this list. That's because Ring specialises in what it does, and it does it well. But there are different models to suit different needs, and in this case, it's for those that don't want to faff with a battery and would like a lot of options.

One thing we found in testing video doorbells is that they're only as good as their notifications. Yes, you could use it at its most basic, only responding to the doorbell press, but if you want to be secure too then, motion detection is essential. That's why this model excels, as it uses smart sensors and an app that lets you set zones to only be alerted when you need to be.

The design is also of appeal here with a super slim finish and long single black glass central unit to give a more premium look to the front of the house. There are interchangeable plates, too, so you can pick the look that fits. Even wiring this in is easy with an adapter included and all the tools and instructions to get you up and running quickly.

The price is the only downside here, although we did find audio quality could vary with it less clear sometimes, but that was likely our Wi-Fi in those cases.

Ideal Home rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Ring wired video doorbell on a white background.

(Image credit: Ring)

3. Ring Video Doorbell Wired

Best budget video doorbell


Video: 1080p Full HD
Audio: Two-way
Power: Wired
Dimensions: 9.9 x 4.5 x 2.2cm

Reasons to buy

The cheapest Ring doorbell on the market
Smaller than other models

Reasons to avoid

No wireless option 
No chime included

After conquering the video doorbell market, Ring has gone a step further by releasing the Ring Video Doorbell Wired - an affordable option with pretty much all of the features of its other, more expensive models.

The smart doorbell offers 1080p Full HD video with two-way audio, is weatherproof and has night vision to help you see what's going on after the sun goes down. You can view the video feed from your phone or Alexa tablet, and motion zone customisation lets you set how the camera monitors the area in front of your home.

It's sleeker and less bulky than the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus or Pro, so some may prefer its more demure aesthetic. However, the biggest thing that could stop you from opting for the cheaper one is that it needs to be wired, which makes things slightly more complicated for those who are renting or who don't already have existing wiring.

That said, if you already have a wired doorbell or are willing to hire a professional to fit it for you, the Ring Video Doorbell Wired comes highly recommended for those looking to save a few pennies.

Ideal Home rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Eufy video doorbell exterior and interior units on a white background

(Image credit: Eufy)

4. Eufy Video Doorbell 2K Battery

Best video doorbell with 2K resolution


Video: HD 2k resolution
Audio: Two-way audio
Power: Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

Reasons to buy

180-day battery life
No subscription fee needed

Reasons to avoid

Video quality doesn't shine through on a smartphone

Eufy is growing fast in the smart digital homeworld, with robot vacuums and security cameras leading the way. Its doorbell is a standout model as it, unlike most of the competition, offers an eye-melting 2K video quality on its feed thanks to a Sony sensor.

This is a pro-grade lens, which goes some way to explaining the price of this video doorbell. The quality is excellent but, to be honest, isn't that noticeable on a small smartphone screen when compared to a 1080p video.

What is a really appealing feature here is the inclusion of free cloud storage. This means you keep access to all your video but without having to store it locally. Another pro feature is the customisation for motion sensitivity with a selection of activity zones, motion sensing and human detection.

All that amounts to notifications only when relevant – something our smartphone battery certainly benefited from. This also makes no compromises with power, allowing you to wire it in or go for the battery. Using it on battery should last for half a year which seemed accurate in testing, but of course, it depends on how active your notification settings are.

The use of an included base station helps keep battery use low, and Wi-Fi worries less of an issue, which we struggled with on other models.

Ideal Home rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Three Ezviz video doorbells in black, white and bronze.

(Image credit: Ezviz)

5. Ezviz DB1 Video Doorbell

Best high-res affordable video doorbell


Video: 3 MP resolution camera
Audio: Two-way audio

Reasons to buy

Alexa and Google compatible
Heat detector

Reasons to avoid

Camera resolution not as sharp as the competition

Ezviz might not be a big brand name, but it's quietly been working away at home security for years, offering decent specs for a low price. This wired model fits that description perfectly, undercutting the competition while still offering high-resolution video and a minimal design.

All the usual features are here with night vision, two-way chat, dual-band Wi-Fi, IP65 weatherproofing and app support. What it also offers, that's better than some of the competition, are a full 180-degree field of view, ideal for smaller spaces, heat-based motion detection, and local storage on MicroSD cards.

At first, the heat detection was a little overly sensitive, but you can easily adjust this to avoid too many notifications. Settings range from 5 to 3 to 1.5 metres allowing you to perfect this, so you only get notified when someone is actually near your door. Or, as we did, just turn it off and let them press the bell.

Since this records everything, you can always check back should there be an incident worth your attention. This even works with Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant for smart alerts on your home devices despite the price.

Ideal Home rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

How to choose the best video doorbell for your home

Image of the app screen for the Ring doorbell with a person viewing delivery driver at the door from their mobile phone

(Image credit: Ring)

Video doorbells come in plenty of different shapes and sizes. But what's important is that they also come with a wide variety of features. There are a few stand out specs you'll want to make sure you take into consideration before you buy.

Wired or wireless: some are wired into power, like a classic doorbell, while others can use battery, allowing them to attach easily, anywhere
Ecosystem: some brands work with a broader ecosystem of gadgets via one app, making your life simpler if you've already got some of this kit
Home security: some are built for this, with motion alerts, while others simply respond to the button press
Ongoing costs: some charge for storage of video in the cloud, while others allow you cheap or free local storage options
Quality: the better the quality, the more you can see, which is crucial if you want this for home security too
Audio quality: can vary, so if you plan to do a lot of two-way chat, this is a feature to look closer at

Why do I need a video doorbell?

If it isn't clear already, there are two main reasons to go video with your doorbell. First, to see and interact with who's at your front door and to offer video surveillance of your home's main point of entry. Second, it's also great for rental owners, especially Airbnb operators, who aren't always at the property.

Of course, these two also break down into more details, like being able to see potential guests at your door even when you're at the bottom of the garden, thanks to that Wi-Fi connection and phone app. Or the ability to use that camera as a deterrent for would-be burglars that now recognise these doorbells as recording devices.

Some video doorbells even use facial recognition to intelligently alert you to a guest when you need to know. This helps avoid too many notifications. On that same subject, you can more easily silence your doorbell, making this ideal for those people with young children whose nap time almost inevitably coincides with the delivery man's arrival.

How much should I spend on a video doorbell?

Video doorbell prices are pretty varied, with older models for under £100 and newer, more feature-packed units coming in at over £400. Usually, you can quite easily decide which works for you based on what you need. The problems arise when you need a particular feature that's reserved only for the higher-end models.

Thankfully these have been around long enough now that competition is growing as such. Everyone is trying to cram in the best features at a lower price. That means you should now be able to get what you want without paying for the top end.

Of course, as is often the case, if you do want the best working video doorbell, you'll need to pay more for it. Another advantage to paying more is that often these higher-end models look better too, enhancing your front door's finish.

What other key questions do I need to ask?

Power can be an issue. If you're going for a battery unit, make sure it's made to last at least six months, or you'll be annoyed at having to remember to charge the battery. Ease of battery access in these models can also be essential to help make life simpler. In the case of mains power units, be sure they work with your current doorbell wiring or at least come with the adapter to work using that setup.

How you want to view your callers is another factor. Some devices work with third-party video units, like Ring working with Amazon Echo Show, so you can see who's at your door without even taking your phone out.

Other units also work with electronic door locks, although this is still in its infancy with mainly US-based products. But it's something worth keeping in mind for the long term.

For many of the best features, like voice controls, or stored video, you'll likely have to pay for a cloud subscription to the service provider. So considering that cost for the longer term is also worth keeping in mind.

Field of view could be a factor if the doorbell is going in a tight space. Essentially, the wider the field of view, the more you will see.

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