Removing an internal wall turned this kitchen into a unique and practical space

From dark and impractical to light and bright, here's how these homeowners transformed the kitchen of their Victorian semi-detached house

Pink kitchen renovation with terrazzo vibes
(Image credit: Future PLC / Elle Benton)

Turning a dark and impractical space into a light and bright kitchen seems like a near to impossible task, especially if it's small in size. But by removing an internal dividing wall, the homeowners of this Victorian three-bed semi created the unique and practical kitchen-diner of their dreams.

With intentions of transforming an unwelcoming kitchen into an open, warm space they could use to host family and friends, they knocked two rooms into one. Starting entirely from scratch, they chose a contemporary pink kitchen idea from West and Reid, with an island, elm larder and deep drawers for storage.


before kitchen renovation image of old white dark kitchen space

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Small, cramped and impractical, this kitchen was ripe for renovation. Now, the family enjoy nothing more than sitting in their window seat with a cup of coffee. 


pink kitchen with kitchen island and mid century stools

(Image credit: Future PLC / Elle Benton)

There are plenty of ways to dine in style in an open-plan space, and since the island is a natural barrier between the prep area and the socialising space, some kitchen island seating ideas came to mind. They decided on mid-century style furniture and a streamlined layout worked best for the period features in their home, such as the bay window. This was also turned into a place to sit and relax, looking out onto the garden for a cute resting nook. 

The design details

Pink kitchen rennovation with terrazzo vibes

(Image credit: ELLE BENTON)

When it came to exploring their open plan kitchen ideas , these homeowners wanted something contemporary, but not clinical, so that it would be in keeping with the rest of the house. From a window splashback feature to mid-century style dining furniture and a mix and match of metallics and storage units, it was bright times ahead for this family. 

Mix and match 

Metallic tap with window splashback on pink kitchen unit

(Image credit: Future PLC / Elle Benton)

Accessories in warm metallics, such as this tap, enhance the kitchen’s relaxed, contemporary scheme and choosing a pale quartz worktop with a honed finish work with the elm and the soft -pink units. The tap sits against a window acting as splashback. This allows extra light into the room too. 

Terrazzo flooring

They spent a lot of time deliberating over kitchen flooring ideas, choosing terrazzo tiles over their original choice of parquet – which, we can all agree, works beautifully. Making this decision late in the day meant the kitchen was installed before the floor. 

So if you're planning a kitchen renovation, the homeowners' advice is to be prepared for the project to overrun. Delays are stressful but you have to adapt and deal with each situation as it occurs.

Terrazzo tile close up look

(Image credit: Future PLC / Elle Benton)

This attractive, traditional flooring material originally from Italy is back in the spotlight. But what is it? Terrazzo is a composite material of marble chippings set into cement. It is either poured on-site by hand, or precast into blocks that are then cut to size. It’s also available as ready-made tiles, which are easy to apply directly to floors and walls.

There’s a vast variety of colour and material options – chippings can be marble, metal, quartz or glass – and it is very durable. As it is made using offcuts, terrazzo is also an eco-friendly decorating choice. Once sealed and moisture-proof, it can be applied to any interior wall or floor, but is most popular in kitchens, like this one, and bathrooms. Terrazzo retains warmth well, so it is a good choice for underfloor heating too. A simple steam mop should be used for cleaning. Poured terrazzo is prone to cracking and should be restored, re-ground and polished by a specialist.

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