16 pink kitchen ideas in shades from soft blush to bold fuchsia

Take inspiration from these beautiful pink kitchen ideas and the heart of your home will have you blushing with pride

kitchen with pink coloured and black tiles on wall
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It's the colour of the moment, so there's no need to confine pink to the bedroom or bathroom. Our pink kitchen ideas prove it looks just as classy in the room you use for entertaining family and friends.

The pink palette is surprisingly varied and there are plenty of kitchen colour schemes using this shade to choose from, with options ranging from baby and blush to candy, fuschia or shocking pink.

Whichever shade in the palette you choose for your kitchen idea, pink is a colour that imbues warmth, fun and a cheerful feel. So introducing it into the heart of the home will have you in the pink all day.

Pink kitchen ideas

1. Team pink with white and brass

kitchen with pink wall white counter sink and chimney

(Image credit: TBC)

There are few colour and material combos that look more fresh and modern than a soft blush pink featured in a white kitchen with brass hardware. And though it might look expensive, this is in fact an IKEA kitchen.

Even better, you no longer need to pimp an IKEA kitchen with pricey door handles and taps. These brass-coloured numbers are from the Swedish retailer, too.

2. Mix pink and grey

kitchen with pink wall grey counter and black dishwasher

(Image credit: TBC)

These two colours were made for each other, likely because many grey shades have a pink base. So if you are combining the two, choose a warm grey rather than a cool grey (which is likely to have a yellow base).

In this pink and grey kitchen, the patterned tiles in both shades unite the walls and cabinetry, while warm metallics are a great choice when it comes to handles and taps with this colour pairing.

3. Introduce pink tentatively

kitchen with wooden floor and table

(Image credit: TBC)

Let's face it, however much you love pink, it's a pretty bold choice in the kitchen. So if you're worried about resale, introduce pink on a free-standing piece of furniture or appliance, like this fabulous retro fridge from John Lewis of Hungerford.

The added bonus is that you can take it with you if you move house.

4. Mix the colours on your cabinetry

kitchen with white wall grey counter table and chair

(Image credit: TBC)

Like the idea of pink cabinetry but nervous about going the whole hog? Why not choose base cabinets in a stylish neutral and opt for a run of wall units in a pretty pale pink, like those shown on this Dunham kitchen in Rose Bowl and Charcoal from Magnet?

The Shaker-style kitchen is brought bang up to date in these tones and the addition of the blond wood worktops, chevron tiles and black tap and door handles.

5. Bite the bullet with all-pink units

kitchen with pink coloured and black tiles on wall

(Image credit: TBC)

If you've set you heart on pink, then why not jump right in with the cabinetry? Numerous kitchen companies offer cabinets painted in a wide palette of pink hues.

Or if you've ever wondered how to paint kitchen cabinets, give your old cupboards a new lease of life on a budget with a fresh lick of paint.

Alternatively, IKEA units can be pimped with colourful doors and drawers from Superfront. This beautiful blush cabinetry has been paired with dark grey metro tiles from Tile Giant.

6. Add a splash of statement pink

kitchen with white wall and grey cabinets

(Image credit: Future PLC/lizzie orme)

Kitchens are a big investment, and while pink may be your favourite colour, it is a big jump to opt for pink cabinetry. Get your much-desired pink fix and make a statement with this bold kitchen splashback idea.

It's part of the scheme but can be changed at a later stage if you decide it has dated. Of course it can act as a gateway to adding more pink, which is no bad thing in our view!

7. Add a pink island

kitchen with white wall wooden floor and grey cabinetes

(Image credit: Future PLC/Life Kitchens)

A great way to add pink to an existing kitchen – or plan it into a new one – is to allocate it as the colour of a contrasting island. In this example from Life Kitchens, a sweet book shelf has been woven into the blush pink design – just one example of the clever kitchen storage ideas and options on offer.

8. Let pink and green be seen

kitchen with white wall tiles cake and dishes on counter

(Image credit: Future PLC/Lizzie Orme)

You may think emerald green and pink is an unusual combination, but in fact, it looks super-smart in this basement kitchen makeover.

The green kitchen is dark and sophisticated, but the white metro wall tiles help to brighten the space, while the pink painted walls cheer up this room in every way.

9. Give a fresh look to existing units

kitchen with cream wall pink cupboard and sink

(Image credit: Future PLC/Brian Harrison)

Replacing a perfectly good kitchen for something new is not only expensive, it's pretty wasteful. We love that the traditional cabinetry in this country kitchen has had a modern makeover with a lick of pink paint. And is even more characterful thanks to mixing pink tones.

It's a job you could do yourself, or some kitchen manufacturers will respray a timber kitchen for you.

10. Keep it neutral

kitchen with white wall wooden table and pink chair

(Image credit: TBC)

A simple, neutral kitchen is best for longevity but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. The addition of some colourful pink accessories and furniture, like this pretty blind, cute plant pots and bold Eames-style chairs will transform a kitchen from functional to fun in an instant.

11. Add wow with pink patterned wallpaper

kitchen with pink wallpaper table and chair

(Image credit: Future PLC/Jamie Mason)

Incorporate colour with a statement patterned wallpaper to add even more impact. It's a misconception that wallpaper should be avoided in kitchens. It works as long as you choose a suitable design material and ensure you have a good splashback to avoid stains etc.

A pattern, such as the one used in this modern kitchen, allows you to add pink without having to adopt a block wall of colour. The pink is broken up by the white print to make it less colour orientated and more about adding pattern.

12. Choose pretty pink tiles

kitchen room with white wall black cabinet and chair

(Image credit: Future PLC/Mark Scott)

Add an instant hit of accent pink with a stylish kitchen tile idea like the one shown above. Whether creating a dedicated splashback or tiling the counter surrounds, a bold tile is a great way to add a dominant colour.

Tiles are a commitment, but far less so than the cabinetry and can be changed or even painted over a few years down the line if you fall out of love with pink – but who would?!

13. Paint a fuchsia feature wall

kitchen room with rose pink wall wooden table

(Image credit: Future PLC/Katie Lee)

Painting a pink feature wall will inject your kitchen with colour. The brighter the colour, the more it will pop naturally. A bright Fuchsia pink accentuates both dark and light colours, proving a great choice to lift the energy of any room.

14. Go for a shock of colour with furniture

kitchen with white wall rose pink chair

(Image credit: TBC)

These shocking pink bar stools enliven this plain white kitchen with a burst of the owner's personality. And although the colour is a bold choice, it's also a wise one, as they're not a permanent fixture, so can be recovered or switched for something else if the owner tires of the colour.

15. Add a pink hue to a monochrome scheme

kitchen with black tiles on wall and chimney

(Image credit: TBC)

Getting objections to your pink kitchen ideas from the menfolk – or anyone else – in your household? Go for a darker, more lilac hue, and keep the fixtures in black and white. It gives a stronger, more masculine look yet adds warmth and character at the same time.

16. Go for pops of pink pattern

kitchen room with white tiles on wall sink on counter

(Image credit: TBC)

Colour doesn't have to be in a single block. These charming bright pink and orange patterned blinds bring a burst of colour into the room and totally transform this white kitchen into a welcoming haven.


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