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The gateway to a more sustainable home

Grey kitchen with alpha boilers product in corner
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The road to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 is upon us, and with that comes some serious decisions to be made for our homes. In an ideal world, an entirely eco-friendly home would be a no-brainer, but when costs are involved, it’s not always the easiest decision. 

Luckily, Alpha hybrid solution makes that choice much easier. The E-Tec Hybrid offers the perfect pathway into renewable energy, at a much lower cost than a 'heat pump only' system. So if you’ve been unsure of how to take the first step then this could be the answer. 

A gas boiler offers tried and tested reliability which makes it difficult to let go of. However, a hybrid system can take the worry of heating your home and paying high costs for it, out of your hands. And with gas usage savings of up to 60%, a hybrid solution should be high on everyone's home heating wish list.

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Smart controls that do the work for you

Alpha's E-Tec Hybrid system is as efficient as they come. A 33kW combi boiler is connected with the Alpha E-Tec EHP external heat pump unit and Smartech controls to offer high-efficiency heating and hot water for your home.  

It combines live energy prices with the outdoor temperature to cleverly determine the most efficient option to heat your home. It also automatically adjusts the heating flow and water temperature in the radiators depending on demand and the outside temperature - in short, it's always working to give you optimum comfort at the best price.

You can also set the heating circuit for a maximum water temperature, so you don't need to worry about it creeping up too high.

Built to last - so you can worry less

Grey kitchen with alpha boilers product in corner

(Image credit: Alpha Boilers)

For homes without an airing cupboard, or those looking to make the most of their storage potential, the E-Tec Hybrid will be the answer. Hot water is instantaneous, so the need for a large hot water storage cylinder is not required.

And if you're reluctant to make additional changes to your home you're in luck. It can run on existing pipework so you don't need to worry about any huge changes to your heating system, such as upgrading radiators. 

This also minimises installation costs, making it a truly affordable option for saving money on your bills in the long run, and in the initial set-up cost. Alpha also offers a five-year warranty on approved and correctly installed and maintained products, giving you peace of mind. If you take care of your hybrid system, it will last for years to come.

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