11 incredibly easy ways to organise your entire life

Need to banish the clutter and simplify your life? Take a look at our simple solutions to make everything easy...

Is your house overrun with clutter? Are you ready to ditch the drama of daily life in favour of clever, time-saving solutions.

Whether you've got a passion for shoes, more duvet covers than you know what to do with or a penchant for plates, we could all use a little help when it comes to clearing the clutter. We've come up with some savvy solutions that mean you don't have to get rid of the things you love, simply find smarter ways of storing them.

Here at Ideal Home we've found a few ways to simplify your life and give you more time to yourself.

1. Sort the fridge

room with fridge and cupboard and food item

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Add extra storage compartments in your fridge to keep things from becoming a muddled mess. It will make preparing dinner 100 times easier, trust us

2. Make a list

chalkboard with week list

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Oh we do love a good list. - it's a great way to prepare for the day/weekend/month ahead. But if, like us, your lists keep disappearing, think of some simple ways to keep them displayed. Hanging a chalkboard or list pad on an easily accessible spot in the kitchen is a good option.

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3. Embrace car boot sales

car boot sale

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Fed up with sorting through your unwanted posessions and taking various different bags to charity shops, recycling centres or the rubbish dump? Why not sell it and make some cash at a car boot sale? Yes, you normally have to get up early on a Sunday morning, but making a tidy profit (and being home in time for lunch) gets the thumbs up from us

4. Clear worktop clutter

kitchen worktops

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Declutter your kitchen worktops and move all of your utensils over to the wall. Sounds easy, right? It is. Simply hang up an arrangement of hooks and shelves and hey presto! Clear worktops are the starting point for a clear kitchen.

5. Cleaning up

storage boxes

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Keep all the cleaning supplies you use most frequently in a transportable box or basket. It will make it easy to travel from room-to-room carrying out your daily cleaning routine.

6. Label everything

glass jars with labels

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From storage baskets to shoe boxes, make sure everything in your home is labeled clearly. It will save hours of time and drama when looking for things. You may need to nag other people to put everything back in the correct box, but it will be worth it in the long run.

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7. Make the most of what you have

kitchen open shelving

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Who says kitchen storage has to be limited to built-in cupboards? Open shelving, freestanding furniture and wall-mounted storage will allow you to make a space work the way you want it to. Make the most of wall space by installing hooks or shelves and displaying attractive crockery or cookware - not only will it create an eye-catching feature but you'll also have more cupboard space.

8. Box it, bag it, bin it

utility room

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We're not all lucky enough to have a utility room but there are certainly a few lessons to be learnt here. Decant cleaning products into attractive jars or tins and display on shelves - they look much prettier and will free up much-needed cupboard space. Go through your cleaning products - chances are there are some duplicates and some products you haven't used in months. Not even sure what it's for? Bin it!

9. Create a fabulous and totally free feature

picture wall

(Image credit: Future PLC/Brett Symes)

If you're a huge film lover, an avid reader or an amateur photographer, show off your collections. Choose one wall of your living room and create a real focal point by displaying your much-loved items. Group pieces together according to colour or height and transform everyday items into a personality-filled feature.

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10. Make it pretty and practical

home office with wooden desk

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While your home office is a practical space, there's no reason you can't have fun with it too. In this industrial-style space, wall-mounted mesh baskets, metal trunks and mini-drawers have all been used as additional storage space. Keep your desk as clear as possible and use boxes, folders and drawers to stay organized - just make sure you label them first!

11. Think outside the box

storage rack with books

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Transform awkward spaces like alcoves into a practical storage solution that works for you. Built-in shelving units creates the perfect place for bedding and soft furnishings - no more shoving things into the back of the airing cupboard never to be seen again!

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