Holly Willoughby reveals her genius hack for keeping her wardrobe neat and tidy

Just in time for spring cleaning your wardrobe
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  • If you are struggling to declutter your wardrobe Holly Willoughby’s wardrobe hack could be just the thing to get the neat wardrobe of your dreams.

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    When clearing out a wardrobe, it is easy to see all the possibilities in an item of clothing, despite the fact you haven’t worn it for five years. On This Morning the presenter shared her top tip for what she does during a wardrobe clearout.

    Holly Willoughby’s wardrobe hack

    Holly Willoughby wardrobe hack 2

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    ‘You put all your coat hangers in facing the wrong way and then after a couple of months, you can see which items you’ve taken out and put back the right way,’ Holly explains. ‘Then you have a visual of what you have worn and what you haven’t worn.’

    The idea behind the super simple tip is that when it comes to clear out time, you can assess why you haven’t worn something. Is it because it’s the wrong season? Or does it simply not suit or fit you anymore?

    If it is the latter, the time has come to throw it away. Holly’s super simple trip is the perfect reality check for anyone who finds it difficult to let go of old clothes.

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    Trinny Woodall was just as impressed as us by Holly’s genius wardrobe hack. ‘Holly I’ve never heard that before – that’s genius!’ Trinny exclaimed on the show.

    Previous guests on This Morning, decluttering experts, The Style Sisters, are also fans of the wardrobe hack. Earlier in the year, they revealed that they always put coat hangers in facing the wrong way so they can re-evaluate any items they were unsure about in six months.

    If after six months you still haven’t worn something you swore you would. It is definitely time to send it to the charity shop.

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    While now is the perfect time to declutter your wardrobe, make sure you have space to store any old clothes until charity shops reopen before committing to a huge clearout.

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