Vopping – the brilliant new cleaning trend that will rock (and mop) your world

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Even those of us that secretly love a bit of cleaning are always looking for ways to make housework less, well, work. Which is why, when we heard about a new trend that potentially puts the fun into floor care, we couldn’t wait to try it.

Introducing the BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max – the newest addition to the multifunctional CrossWave® range. It vacs. It mops. It Vops. To the MAX!

You really can get your cleaning game tight with the CrossWave® Cordless Max – a lean, mean cleaning machine that vacuums, mops and dries in one go. It’s packed with features that make cleaning easier, less messy and –  dare we say it – a pleasure.

But its biggest plus? It leaves you with more time to put your feet up and admire your sparking home.

Before we explain why you should join the Vopping revolution, let’s see this bad boy in action…

Five reasons to start Vopping with BISSELL

1. It’s a time saver


Image credit: BISSELL

Because the CrossWave® Cordless Max does three jobs at once, an obvious benefit is the time you get back.

For a start, there’s no rifling through the cleaning cupboard to find the right tool for the job – because the BISSELL will do it all.

It can clean up everything from breakfast cereal or baked beans to muddy paw marks. Never again will you have to deal with liquid and dry spills separately… and the CrossWave® Cordless Max even dries so you don’t have to get down on your hands and knees with the kitchen towel.


Image credit: BISSELL

The CrossWave® Cordless Max also works on a wider range of surfaces. That means all sealed hard floors – whether they are stone tiles, ceramic, even engineered wood. It will happily refresh your rugs for you, too. It doesn’t matter if the surface is uneven or there are deep grout lines to contend with. The CrossWave® will get stuck in.

Then there’s its brilliant coverage. From just one tank of water and one charge, the CrossWave® Cordless Max can clean up to 100sq m of hard flooring and rugs, thanks to its XL Brush Roll. So you can cover more floor in less time… #winning!

You’ll get around 30 minutes of fade-free multi-surface cleaning from its 36V battery – and because there’s no cord to plug and unplug as you whizz around your home, there’s nothing to slow you down or tangle you up!

2. You get that trademark BISSELL deep clean


Image credit: BISSELL

Dirt doesn’t stand a chance against the BISSELL CrossWave® Cordless Max. Pesky pet hair? Sticky jam? Spilt compost? This ‘Top of the Vops’ can power through the lot, leaving a streak-free finish.

The fast-spinning XL multi-surface brush roll has up to 60%* better edge cleaning that its predecessors, reaching the dirt tight against the walls, furniture and skirting boards.

All this, while gently but effectively scrubbing, washing and drying your hard floors and rugs. You’ll be left with an impressive clean that you – and friends and family – can’t help but admire.

*vs. CrossWave® Cordless & CrossWave® Pet Pro

3. It’s – whisper it – rather beautiful


Image credit: BISSELL

It’s rare that we describe a vacuum cleaner as sexy. But thanks to its sleek jet black finish, we think it’s a fair description of the BISSELL CrossWave® Cordless Max. So much so, you’ll find it easy to release your inner Vop star as you parade it through the house.

The design is a triumph of function, as well as form. The easy-to use digital interface keeps you well informed, so you know when your Vop is fully charged, and when you need to empty the dirt tank.

You can switch between ‘hard floor’ and ‘area rug’ mode on the handle – hurrah for no more bending down to find the right button on the body of the machine.

To get cleaning, hold down the handle trigger to release the BISSELL solution, and push forward to mop. If you’ve got a big mess to deal with hold the trigger down for a few more seconds for a deeper clean. All done? Release the trigger and pull your BISSELL back to dry.

Easy on the eye and easy to use? That’s a machine we can really get on board with.

4. Cleaning the floors has never been so satisfying


Image credit: BISSELL

The BISSELL CrossWave® Cordless Max has two separate tanks. There’s a clean tank that’s designed to be filled with a mix of water and BISSELL cleaning formula, and a tank that fills with the dirty water that’s sucked up from your floor.

The two are completely separate, so that no dirty water can ever contaminate your clean!


Image credit: BISSELL

That sucking up of the dirty water is what we find so satisfying – you can see your home get cleaner before your eyes.

5. After the cleaning, there’s no clean up!


Image credit: BISSELL

Just set your BISSELL CrossWave® Cordless Max into its stand, press a single button, and the self-cleaning cycle takes over. Using water from the clean tank, it flushes out dirt, hair and debris from your BISSELL, including its brush roll. In minutes, your appliance is spotless, along with your home.

No wrestling with a dirty mop head or declogging hair from a roller. You don’t have to touch the dirt and grime and there’s a clever separator for debris so you don’t clog any plug holes when disposing the contents of the dirt tank into your kitchen sink. Talk about a dream clean!

If you’re ready to switch up your routine and master the art of vopping, read more about the CrossWave® Cordless Max at BISSELL’s website.

On your marks, get set, Vop!

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