How to achieve the best spring declutter ever

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    Throw open your windows, clear some space – and make some extra cash too…

    The long hibernation is officially over, and the warm, sweet-smelling days of spring are the perfect time to refresh and renew your home. An exciting new interiors project is guaranteed to lift the spirits, whether you’re planning a full-on kitchen overhaul or simply want to give your bedroom a spring spritz. But there’s one rule to stick to – before bringing anything new into your home, it’s vital to de-clutter, clear the decks and move on from anything you no longer need. And eBay is the go-to place for your stuff – after all, that vase, mirror or rug that no longer works for you could turn out to be someone else’s perfect finishing touch.

    By clearing out you’ll not only open up space in your home, but raise valuable cash to go towards your spring project. Win, win! Need help de-cluttering? Try these tips…

    Take it steady

    If the room you’re tackling is chock-full of stuff, you’ll need to be really methodical so you don’t lose heart. Start in one corner – by the door is best – and clear one section at a time before moving on to the next.

    Ask the right questions

    When it’s tough to be tough, ask yourself these questions to help you sort what really matters to you.

    • If I moved, would I take it with me?

    • Would I pay to put it in storage?

    • Do I love it? Do I need it?

    • Have I used it in the last six months, or year? (We’re looking at you, bread-maker).

    Happy woman with spouse packing cardboard boxes

    Call in back-up
    Someone who doesn’t have the emotional ties to your stuff – but knows you well – is a great person to have as a helper. We’re talking, mum, dad, handy brother, or your best friend… They will be able to talk you out of hanging on to the china tea set that’s been wrapped up in the attic for 15 years.

    De-cluttering is a serious business – and it’s no time for a trip down memory lane. So resist getting sidetracked by going through all those all old family photos.

    Keep some storage
    Most of us wish we had more storage space, so avoid stuffing every nook and cranny to the brim. If you don’t need it now, will you really need it in five years’ time when you empty the loft to move house?

    Two women moving into new home working on a laptop

    Sell it
    At the end of your session, you should have sorted your clutter into three piles: ‘keep’, ‘not sure’ and ‘sell’. Put the ‘keep’ items back neatly, stash the ‘not sure’ items in a holding place to be revisited in a week’s time, and lay out your ‘sell’ items ready to be photographed.

    Now use a smartphone or camera to snap multiple pics of each ‘sell’ item against a plain background. It’s important to show different angles of each item so anybody interested will be able to see your items clearly. Next, you‘ll need to decide whether you are going to list them under Buy It Now, or put them into an Auction sale. Either way, you‘ll need to use detailed keywords in the title. Another tip is to consider free shipping, as that can increase sales by an impressive 30%.

    With millions of people eager to buy, eBay is the perfect place to sell the things you no longer need and start funding your fresh new spring look. Happy decorating!


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