Best waffle maker: for perfect brunches, every time

Choose the best waffle maker to make tasty breakfasts from home, with top picks for belgian, buttermilk, round, or square waffles

Choose the best waffle maker to amp up your brunches, even when cooking from home. In our top 10, we've featured models from Sage, Breville, Dualit, and more top brands. Some models have space for cooking two waffles at once, whereas others are smaller and more compact, perfect for single servings.

With pancake day around the corner, the best waffle makers will deliver a more hands-free experience for those who like a bit of texture with their breakfast instead of a classic crepe. Top your waffle with fried chicken and maple syrup, or a simple fruit compote and cream.

For large families it’s worth going for a double or even quadruple waffle maker, which can create enough for the whole family. Those who are short on space will be able to make the most of a mini waffle maker or a waffle maker for one, which can be easily stored when not in use. 

We tested out a range of waffle makers from top brands, some as little as £20, with prices going well over £100.  Read our reviews below to find out how we got on, and for more baking essentials check out the best stand mixers.

Best waffle makers 2024

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Breville VST072 Duraceramic Deep Fill Waffle Maker with Ideal Home approved logo

(Image credit: Breville)

1. Breville VST072 Duraceramic Deep Fill Waffle Maker

Best waffle maker for perfect-looking waffles

Reasons to buy

Works very fast and has quality non-stick

Reasons to avoid

On the chunky side

This machine is very user friendly with an intuitive design. When you plug in, a green light will come on which indicates the machine is heating up. This only took about 3-4 minutes. Once the machine is up to temperature an amber ready-to-cook light will come on. It recommends about 75ml of batter. I found that it could take closer to 90ml to properly fill the squares. This achieves a fatter waffle. Don’t panic, mess is easy to avoid with the overflow channel that will catch any excess batter.

When you close the lid, be careful not to clip the latch shut. This machine needs to give the waffle a little wiggle room to rise and somewhere for the steam to escape. You might notice the lid lifts slightly as the waffle cooks. The waffles only took about 2-3 minutes to cook and I’d say they were near-perfect. They had the right amount of crispiness on the outside and fluffiness in the middle. I was also very impressed with how neat they looked.

The waffle plates have a natural ceramic coating which is designed to transfer heat quicker than standard non-stick coatings. The plates are also scratch resistant and they easily pop-off to clean. The chunky design means it can be stored away on it’s side. One slight quibble is the cable. This can be wrapped around the machine but there is no way of securing it so it can easily unravel.

Ideal Home’s rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Sage BWM520BSS the No-Mess Waffle Maker

(Image credit: Sage)

2. Sage the No-Mess Waffle Maker

Best for circular waffles

Reasons to buy

Makes fully custom waffles, indicator light included

Reasons to avoid

An expensive choice

If you love circular waffles, the Sage the No-Mess Waffle Maker is perfect for you. It's got a dial that goes up to seven levels of darkness, so even the most discerning waffle lover will enjoy a treat that's perfectly suited to their preferences.

The ready light will make sure you don't add your waffle batter before it's time to cook, delivering a perfect sizzle. That edge channel is useful too. On some waffle makers you'll have to deal with waffle batter overflowing from the edge of the machine, but the channel will catch any excess and make it easy for you to remove while you serve up a perfectly round waffle.

The non-stick interior is perfect for making sure your baked treats will never stick, and there's no need to flip mid-way through, because both waffle plates distribute heat evenly. Although this is a smart machine, it still takes a bit of practice to create your perfect waffle. However, don’t let this put you off, the vast array of features are there to help you out. Which, for the price tag, you will be grateful for.

GASTROBACK 62424 Advanced Waffle Maker

(Image credit: Gastroback)

3. GASTROBACK 62424 Advanced Waffle Maker

Reasons to buy

It's got digital controls and is surprisingly good value

Reasons to avoid

Pretty complicated

The GASTROBACK 62424 Advanced Waffle Maker has a selection of controls for cooking all sorts of waffles. That includes buttermilk, chocolate, belgian, and classic. There is also a button to toggle between crisp exteriors, moist interiors, and a more uniform texture.

Twist the dial to adjust the timings and choose from seven browness settings. The crisping plates are extra deep, for chunky servings, and both the top and bottom element are evenly heated. The LCD display will even show a timer that counts up to the perfect cooking time based on your chosen mode.

Finally, the anti-overflow system will keep excess batter stored away so it doesn't overflow and mark the outside of this sleek and high-quality waffle maker. We think it's pretty good value, too.

Salter EK2143 Deep Fill 3-in-1 Snack Maker with Ideal Home approved logo

(Image credit: Salter)

4. Salter EK2143 Deep Fill 3-in-1 Snack Maker

Best waffle maker for multi-functionality 

Reasons to buy

It's a sandwich maker, panini press, and waffle maker in one

Reasons to avoid

It will take a while to cook

The Salter EK2143 Deep Fill 3-in-1 Snack Maker is capable of cooking more than just waffles. It also stands in as one of the best toasted sandwich makers thanks to its easy inserts. Simply press down on the buttons next to each handle to switch out your press shape.

When making waffles the Salter EK2143 Deep Fill 3-in-1 Snack Maker definitely took a little longer than other waffle makers, but they came out crispy and very evenly cooked. What's more, because of the firm dividers between the two waffles, it comes out with two waffles at once with a clearly defined line.

Do note that this waffle maker has no overflow channel, so be a little conservative with your measurements when making your first few batches.

Ideal Home’s rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Dualit Waffle Iron with Ideal Home approved logo

(Image credit: Dualit)

5. Dualit Waffle Iron

Best waffle maker for feeding a crowd

Reasons to buy

It makes professional-level waffles

Reasons to avoid

Very large design

This is a serious bit of kit for the dedicated waffle maker. In appearance, it actually looks like a mini Aga with its 2 flat-domed lids side by side. These two hot plates operate individually with separate switches. Each switch has a power light but there is no temperature gauge or indicator light to let you know when the waffle maker is heated, instead the instructions say to wait 8 minutes before cooking – you can use that time to prep your toppings.

After lightly greasing the plates (I would recommend using a pastry brush) pour a large tablespoon of batter into the centre of the plate and let the machine do the work for you.

This powerful, Ferrari of a machine operates at 1,600 watts and can churn out two flat, round waffles every two minutes. That’s 0-60 waffles in 1 hour! Zoom!

There is an overflow channel to catch any surplus batter but it is quite narrow - if you stick to a generous tablespoon each time though you can keep things fairly neat and tidy. The plates are also coated in a double layer of non-stick but they cannot be removed before cleaning so wipe over with a damp cloth; the plates get very hot so make sure you have disconnected from the plug and allowed the machine to cool down first.

This waffle iron is large and is designed for commercial use as well as domestic. If your budget allows, it is ideal for a large family or a weekend brunch with friends. Producing two waffles at a time is a stand out feature and will cut down on the waiting time for hungry kids and guests.

Ideal Home’s rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

VonShef Rotating Waffle Maker with Ideal Home approved logo

(Image credit: VonShef)

6. VonShef Rotating Waffle Maker

Best waffle maker for thick, fluffy waffles

Reasons to buy

Easy to turn and cook evenly

Reasons to avoid

Manual wasn't too helpful

If you want top notch waffles but you don’t want to spend too much on a machine then you really do get more bang for your buck with this rotating model that produces beautifully caramelised and impressively thick, fluffy waffles.

Once heated you will need to brush or spritz some fat on the trays before adding your batter. The manual doesn’t advise on quantity but I found two cups to be enough. If you do overfill, the handy drip tray will save you from messing up your work top.

The rotating function is a unique addition and ensures an even and consistently cooked waffle. This is operated manually which means you can’t really walk away but the process is actually quite therapeutic and forces you to not forget about them.

There is a variable temperature gauge which allows you to cook them how you like – if you like crisp and crunch then crank up the dial to max or if you favour a lighter texture just lower the heat. A few trial runs and you will know what works best for you.

To guarantee the mix was cooked in the middle, I found these waffles took almost 8-10 minutes to cook properly - a little longer than some machines but it actually gave me enough time to fry up some bacon, grab the maple syrup and blueberries to create my brunch of dreams.

The only complaint is that the plates aren’t removable so clean-up is a bit more of a fiddle and because of the rotating function, the machine isn’t as compact as others but for the price this is an impressive waffle maker that you can rely on for an indulgent weekend breakfast.

Ideal Home’s rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Sage BWM620UK The Smart Waffle Maker with Ideal Home approved logo

(Image credit: Sage)

7. Sage BWM620UK The Smart Waffle Maker

Best double waffle maker

If you want perfect waffles every time, Heston has thought of everything to ensure that this Sage machine achieves that. With an LCD display, there are 4 pre-programmed waffle types to choose from. These include Classic (for a crispier crust), Belgium (for a fluffier centre), Buttermilk or Chocolate and a custom setting. You can also choose how brown you like them with 12 settings ranging from 1 (lightest) to 12 (darkest).

On testing, I opted for the 6 bar 'golden brown' colour setting and using a basic waffle mix I chose ‘Classic’. Once the lid is closed the machine started a countdown of 5 minutes. There is an audible alert once time is up. The waffles were easy to pop out (thanks to the non-stick plates that don’t need any pre-greasing). They were perfectly square and deep with a super crisp crust. I found them a little too dark so on my second attempt I chose a lighter setting.

The USP with this machine is its Waffle IQ which knows the exact state the machine is in when you add the batter. If you don’t wait for the machine to heat up between cooking cycles it will automatically adjust the cooking time accordingly. This gives super consistent results. If there is any overflow it will get caught in the wraparound moat. This also cooks the batter at the same time, giving you something to nibble on and making clean up a doddle.

Ideal Home’s rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Progress EK4376P Rotary Non-Stick Waffle Maker

(Image credit: Progress)

8. Progress EK4376P Rotary Non-Stick Waffle Maker

Best rotary waffle maker

Reasons to buy

It's intuitive to use, with an even rotating design

Reasons to avoid

The plates can't be removed for cleaning

We found that the Progress EK4376P Rotary Non-Stick Waffle Maker created delicious fluffy waffles with ease. It has a hinged handle that you need to twist to flip, before locking back into place.

There is also an overflow plate that slots underneath the waffle maker. We enjoyed how small it was in testing. You'll have no trouble storing the Progress EK4376P Rotary Non-Stick Waffle Maker, but it does come out with very large waffles that are perfect for feasting.

Our one gripe was that the plates can't be removed, so you'll need to clean any debris or overflow on the waffle maker itself.

Ideal Home’s Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Vonshef Dual Round Waffle Maker

(Image credit: VonShef)

9. VonShef Dual Round Waffle Maker

Best waffle maker for families

Reasons to buy

Large cooking area is great for feasting

Reasons to avoid

Cooking time is a little long

If you’re not convinced a waffle maker is your thing, start small with something affordable. And opt for one that can feed your whole family at once. Vonchef is a British online kitchenware brand with a popular range of waffle makers. This dual round waffle maker is their best-seller. It is pretty basic in terms of features. It has a red power light and a green ready light that will go out once the machine is up to temperature. Heat-up time was quick though - about 3 minutes.

With a large cooking surface, it makes two 6 inch circular waffles at a time. The plates aren’t particularly deep so take care not to add too much batter. There is no advised quantity in the manual but I found 90 ml per circular waffle enough. After 4 minutes it was still steaming but I lifted the cool-touch handle anyway. Not looking quite ready, I left my waffle for a further 3 minutes – not the speediest.

However, for a budget model, I was really impressed with the finished result. My waffles were light and fluffy and with a nice crisp edge.
Clean up is a bit more awkward as the non-stick plates don’t pop-off. But if you don’t overfill there won’t be much mess anyway so it will be fairly easy to wipe clean.

Ideal Home’s Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

American Originals Flip over waffle maker

(Image credit: American Originals)

10. American Originals Flip over waffle maker

Best for flipping waffles

Reasons to buy

Easy to store and flip

Reasons to avoid

Takes a while to cook

Sleek and narrow, this waffle iron is designed to be flipped 180 degrees during the cooking process for a super consistent bake. In fact, most chefs opt for a flipping waffle maker so let’s trust their advice on this one. Once plugged in it takes about 4 minutes to heat up. A green light will come on to let you know it’s ready for your batter. Making two waffles at a time, pour your mix into the centre of the trays and close the lid.

The total baking time is a bit longer than the other models tested – approx. 5 -10 minutes and it was hard to ascertain when to flip. The instruction manual suggests part-way through so it will take a few practice runs to get the timing just right. You will need to peek at your waffle from time to time to see what is going on (but make sure you leave them alone for the first few minutes).

The finished result? After a few trial runs, I had evenly baked waffles that were perfectly golden. Overall, this is a good waffle maker if you don’t need to feed a crowd in a hurry. It's also good if you don’t want to spend too much or mind the lack of features. Helpfully, this waffle maker is slim enough to slot into a gap in your kitchen cupboards. 

Ideal Home’s rating: 3.5­ out of 5 stars

How much do I need to spend on a waffle maker?

VonShef Rotating Waffle Maker being used to make waffles in a white kitchen

(Image credit: VonShef)

For only £19.99 you can bag yourself a basic waffle maker. This may not have removable plates or many added features, but it'll cook you up some very decent waffles. After only a few uses, it will have paid for itself. If you are more of a serious foodie you may want a waffle maker you can use regularly. Spend more and get a waffle maker that is not only reliable but also looks good, too.

You can secure a trustworthy and robust machine from as little as £39. If you really want the hassle taken out of waffle making altogether, you can spend up to £170.

How to buy the best waffle maker for you 

Vonshef Dual Round Waffle Maker being used to make waffles

(Image credit: VonShef)

On your search, keep the following features in mind: 

1. Good heat distribution

The most important factor when it comes to selecting a waffle maker is that it cooks your waffle evenly. Some might be plagued by hot spots – the perfect waffle has a consistently light and airy centre with a crisp and golden edge all over.

2. Speed matters

A good waffle needs to cook quickly. If it is too slow or not hot enough the centre will overcook before the outside has had time to crisp up and brown. The best models can cook a waffle in around two minutes.

3. Non-stick plates

If the plates are non-stick they will help your waffles to slide out in one piece. It helps with your clean-up job to go for removable plates, if your budget allows.

4. Shape, size and quantity

Shape is a matter of preference. Traditionally, Belgium waffles are rectangular whereas in Nordic countries they tend to be heart-shaped. American waffles can be round, square or rectangular. Another factor to consider is how many people you are feeding. Typically, they can make between one and four at a time. Some makers cook one large waffle that can be cut into quarters and shared which is great for families or dinner party puddings.

5. Indicator lights or sound

Choose a waffle maker with an audible or visible alert to help you know what is going on. Most will light up or chime when its preheated enough, ready to cook another batch or when your waffles are done. A sound is preferable to light as it allows you to step away and get on with other things instead of hovering nervously over the machine.

6. Ease of storage

Choose a model that will suit your storage space and needs. Some can be tucked away vertically and many come with cord winders or built-in cord storage to avoid annoying tangles.

7. Easy to clean

If it’s a faff to clean you are less likely to want to use it regularly. Non-stick is a must and most can be simply wiped clean with a damp cloth once the machine has cooled. Or simply choose a model with removable, dishwasher-safe plates to make life easier. Some come with spill over channels to deal with any overflow of batter. To avoid this happening in the first place opt for one with a specific measuring cup for the batter to eliminate the likelihood of any overflow.

How easy are waffles to make?

Cuisinart waffle maker being used to make waffles

(Image credit: Cuisinart)

Much like pancakes, the basic ingredients for waffle mix couldn’t be more humble – flour, eggs and milk. But despite this, don’t expect to make perfect waffles on your first go. You will need to get to know your machine and perfect your batter mix before hosting a waffle party. However, once you have whipped up a few, you will feel like a pro. Jamie Oliver’s Brilliant Breakfast Waffles is a good throw-it-all-together starter recipe. You can easily modify this with sweet or savoury ingredients and pimp with delicious toppings.

Pick up the best toaster and best kettle for a complete breakfast experience. 

How to make perfect waffles

  1. For an extra light and fluffy waffle, separate your egg whites from the yolks. Beat the whites until they form soft peaks and then folding them into the rest of the mix.
  2. Waffles can be flavoured with just about anything but adding a little sugar to the mix will help to crisp them up.
  3. If your waffles keep sticking, try increasing the amount of fat in your batter.
  4. Don’t lift the lid too early. Wait for the indicator light to come on for the machine to stop steaming before taking a peek. If you lift the lid before they are done you may cause your waffle to rip.
  5. If you want to make a large batch and eat together with friends or family, then you can keep cooked waffles warm in the oven. A few minutes in the oven can actually improve their crispiness. Don't wrap them in foil as they may go a bit limp and soft.
  6. For evenly filled waffles, pour the batter onto the centre of each grid and gently spread out to the edges.
  7. For best results, allow the waffle mixture to0. rest for five minutes before pouring into the machine. This is to enable the chemical reaction of the raising agent to begin. It will help the waffles to rise.

Can I do anything else with a waffle maker?

Waffle makers are a lot more versatile and nifty than you might think. A waffle maker is really a mini grill, panini press and sandwich toaster rolled into one. There are plenty of other delicious things you can make. Think grilled cheese sandwiches, French toast sticks, pizza slices and quesadillas. After a quick browse on Pinterest you will have a cookery book filled with waffle maker hacks.