Duux Tag 2 Humidifier review

We test out the DUUX Tag 2 DXHU14UK Humidifier against the negative impact of central heating, sniffles, and winter weather.
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  • We test out the DUUX Tag 2 DXHU14UK Humidifier against the negative impact of central heating, sniffles, and winter weather.

    Getting a reliable humidifier for the colder winter months can make all of the difference between an overly dry home environment caused by factors such as having the heating on for several weeks straight, and a remedy for your skin, scratchy throat, and stuffed nose.

    If you have allergies that persist into the second half of the year or struggle with persistent cold symptoms when it’s chilly outside, then a humidifier like the Duux Tag 2 can help to ease everything from snoring at night to dry skin and headaches. You can also take a look at our guide for a ranking of the best humidifiers.

    When testing in the past, Duux devices have tended to be well-designed and simple to use, and the Tag 2 humidifier is no different. We tested it out to see whether it could improve the home environment during winter.

    Duux Tag 2 Humidifier

    DUUX Tag 2 DXHU14UK Humidifier

    Credit: Duux

    Tank capacity: 2.5L
    Recommended room size: 30m2
    Speeds: 2
    Dimensions: 34.4 x 29.8 x 23.4cm
    Weight: 2.3kg

    Reasons to buy

    Great design
    Works in large spaces up to 30m2
    Good tank capacity

    Reasons to avoid

    Only two speed settings
    Quite pricey

    Duux Tag 2 Humidifier: Set-up

    Duux Tag 2 Humidifier

    Credit: Duux

    Setting up the Duux Tag 2 is incredibly simple, with just a few steps to complete before you’re up and running. The sample we received had a US plug, so we needed to use an adapter, and then it was just a matter of removing the humidifier’s top and lifting out the tank inside. At the base of this tank is a wheel that must be unscrewed before filling, revealing the limescale-battling cartridge that promises to prevent bacteria and white deposits.

    The 2.5L water tank is a good size, and Duux claims it will last for up to ten hours. This is ideal if you want to use the humidifier at night, and it will automatically shut off when the water tank is empty. You’ll also get a warning light so you don’t wait until it runs completely dry before topping up.

    Because the humidifier uses ultrasonic technology, the resulting steam is cool to the touch and so eliminates the danger of burns for pets and children. There are two settings that can be switched between using the ‘min’ and ‘max’ controls on the side, so you can choose how much additional moisture you need in the air. More settings here would have been nice, but most people won’t mind trading customisation for simplicity.

    You can also add your choice of essential oils to the water if you want to incorporate some aromatherapy into things. Just put a few droplets on your favourite scent into the water.

    Duux Tag 2 Humidifier: Design

    Duux Tag 2 Humidifier

    Credit: Duux

    The design of the Duux Tag 2 is nothing short of gorgeous, with its matte black (or white) casing and wood-effect legs making this one of the most stylish air quality devices we’ve come across. It’s stylish in a way that will fit into most home decor styles, too, so minimalists and maximalists alike can include it in their living space. The blue and red lights might ruin things for some people, but thankfully there is a control that switches this off so it can safely be used in the bedroom while sleeping.

    We also love how simple the Duux is to take apart when refilling or cleaning. Using the leather strap to lift off the top cover means there are no fiddly latches or screws to deal with.

    Duux Tag 2 Humidifier: Our Verdict

    Duux Tag 2 Humidifier

    Credit: Duux

    Solid, feature-rich air quality devices with an eye on style are few and far between, so it’s exciting to see Duux putting thought into both features and aesthetics with the Tag 2 humidifier. While it lacks smart features or really that many functions other than two speeds, this relative unsophistication will appeal to a lot of people who want to be able to just turn on their devices and forget about them. And it gets points for looking good even when not in use, and doubling as an essential oils diffuser.

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