5 steps to a more minimal home

Here’s how to pull off simple style

Simple, minimal homes don't have to feel cold and sparse, but they do require a little bit more thought.

If your decorating mantra is "less is more", here's what you need to think about.

Go back to basics

home office room with white wall and wooden table with stool

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When a room doesn't have much in it, you need to think about balance, proportion and harmony. Every piece of furniture needs to be in proportion with one another, so that nothing strikes the eye as too big or small and the space doesn't feel heavier on one side. While your room doesn't have to match, the colours used need to compliment each other.


bedroom with white walls and bed with white and grey pillows

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Yes, this may seem obvious but it's also the trickiest step to minimalist interiors. Ask yourself if you really need that extra cushion or table light and, if you're unsure, pack away said items for a few months, to give yourself distance to decide whether you want to keep them or not. It's about learning to live with less. 

Learn to love detail
When your goal is a simple, minimal scheme, details become even more important. It's the small, decorative touches that add richness to a room, without causing clutter.

Invest in quality

bathroom with wooden flooring and bathtub

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When it comes to a minimal space, you want to focus on well-made, timeless and unique pieces. After all, you aren't trying to fit as much into the space.

It's all about neutral colours

living room with wooden flooring sofaset with cushions

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Of course, mimimal schemes can include coloured walls but, on the whole, sticking to a neutral palette will create a calm environment.