7 unspoken truths only city dwellers understand

Love city living? From the overcrowded to the overpriced, here are a few home truths that only us urbanites will understand

From overcrowding to tiny gardens, there are many reasons why living in a city can have its challenges. But, let's face it; we wouldn't change it for the world.
Here are some obvious home truths that only us urbanites will understand...

1. Green space is a like the eighth wonder of the world

Garden in cities may be the size of a postage stamp, by boy, do we love 'em. Hours are spent cultivating a tiny flowerbed the size of a A4 magazine. And don't even get us started on parks in the height of summer. Pure hedonism.

garden with table and chair

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2. You are used to crampt, overcrowded conditions

Whether is the busy city centre on a Saturday afternoon or an overcrowded bus on the morning commute, us city dwellers are used to pushing and squeezing our way through even the tightest of spaces. And, speaking of small spaces, our homes are pretty tiny too!

home office

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3. We're a big fan of the pop-up

From the latest new restaurant opening to a fantastic interiors boutique, us city dwellers loving sniffing out a temporary space with a cool new concept.

Customise a bag with a country-style leaf print design

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4. Your pace of walking has become so brisk you are practically running everywhere

You're in a rush to get to work, but you've got two gormless students with backpacks hogging the bottom of the staircase, or worse, the local tramp is swaying along in front of you at the pace of a snail. Urggh - move!

crowd of people in lane

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5. You hate tourists

From their incessant cheerfulness to their annoying habit of stopping in the street to look at a map - they are irritating. End of.

Tourist girl

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6. Paying £5 for a cup of coffee is perfectly reasonable

It may sound like pure insanity that a bottle of water could cost £3, and a cup of coffee could be almost twice that (depending on how extravagant you are). But that's city living. We've been here for long enough, we've used to it...

Coffee seed

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7. Never make eye contact with anyone and for god's sake, don't speak to anyone on the tube/bus/tram

If you do, you are considered a wierdo. Us city dwellers would never make this mistake.

red bus

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