7 ways to brighten your white spaces

Easys ways to add a dash of summer to your plain interior

White – it's clean, it's neutral and it goes with anything. While
decking out an entire space in the palest of shades does create a
calming, zen-like environment, adding just a dash of colour can
transform the feel of the room from sterile to stylish. Here're seven
ways to add some wow to your whites.

bathroom with white walls and pink chair

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1. Bright pink chair

A white bathroom exudes cleanliness and light, exactly what you want in a room designed around washing. These white parquet tiles add texture to the floor and work beautifully with the high-shine traditional bath. The bright pop of colour this pink chair brings into the room acts as an anchor, stopping the brightness from overwhelming the eye, as well as injecting a sense of fun to bath-time.

kitchen with cabinet and statement lights

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2. Emerald green splashback

Make a statement in your white kitchen without having to go all out on expensive work surfaces and fittings – a splashback can be any size, and is a great opportunity to experiment with colour and pattern. This green glass splashback is like a hidden jewel between cupboards and cabinets.

bathroom with red bathtub and towel

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3. Bold red bath

Want a wow-factor bathroom? Then a coloured bath is for you. In a calming, white space a serious jolt of colour like this modern red bath will really wake you up in the morning. Keep the rest of the room clutter-free, and let the tub do the talking.

kitchen with blue cupboards and bar stools

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4. Punchy blue cupboards

To make a statement in your kitchen, nothing says 'trendsetter- more than colour cabinetry. These bright blue cupboards instantly lift this white space and will bring energy and life to your cooking.

office with white walls and golden desk

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5. Gleaming gold desk

You know about power dressing – now it's time to work it in your office. This gold desk will make you feel like you're the CEO and put you in the perfect headspace for productivity and decision-making. Plus, it's super stylish too.

bathroom with gold fixtures and white and yellow tiles

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6. Yellow glass

A glass shower pane keeps the bathroom a flowing, open space and stops light being blocked from the tub. For a change of pace, try a piece of coloured glass to inject some personality and an element of surprise into the space – this yellow shower screen imitates a beam of sunlight and will brighten your morning.

room with antique mirror blue rug and white walls

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7. Colourful rug

Want to add some colour which you can change with the trends? A piece of textile or soft furnishing like this cheerful blue rug are a quick, easy and cost-effective way to make an impact with colour in a space without committing to major renovations. You'll be surprised at the effect that a few colourful cushions can have on a room.