Country style ideas for small spaces

Don’t let square footage cramp your style, check out these small-space decorating ideas and storage solutions…

Choose raised seating
Opting for seating with legs is a clever trick for small living rooms. With more floor space on show, the room feels bigger. This lends itself to country style with many classic sofas and armchairs finished with beautiful turned wooden legs.

living room with couch and cushions

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Create a multi-purpose cubbyhole
Today’s open plan homes need more cupboard space than ever. With the help of bespoke fitted furniture, a modern cupboard-cum-boot room can provide essential behind-the-scenes storage for everything, from muddy wellies to a luxury pet bed!


luxury pet bed with modern cupboard

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Put your pantry on display
No space for a pantry? No problem! Fill mason jars with dry goods and breathable baskets with fresh country produce and arrange on open shelving for a stylish display that’s practical, too. A rustic ladder is decorative, and also provides the perfect place for hanging pretty kitchen linens.

kitchen with dinning table and chair

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Decorate with mirrors
A strategically placed large floor-length mirror gives the illusion of a doorway through to another room. Their long shape draws the eye up, carrying it around the room, instantly making the space feel lighter and brighter – perfect in a country bedroom.

bedroom with wooden table and long mirror

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Be savvy with storage
Trunks that double up as coffee tables, pretty flower-filled baskets, cupboard-cum-TV cabinets… multi-functional is the way to go when it comes to furniture and decoration. Not only does it add eclectic style, it frees up space in the rest of the room.

living room with white walls and sofa

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Curate characterful collections
Banishing clutter makes a room feel open, but that doesn’t mean it has to be bare and characterless. Much-loved country-inspired items and accessories arranged neatly on shelves, sills and sideboards make for an interesting room scheme that doesn’t draw attention to its petite proportions.

lamp with flower vase

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Keep window dressings simple (and striped!)
If you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings, full-length curtains are a good choice as they draw the eye upwards. A subtle stripe design adds to the feeling of extra depth, too. Make sure they can be swept away from the window easily or alternatively choose flat-to-the-window blinds.

curtains with table and flower vase

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Hang floating shelves
Bypass chunky shelving units in favour of discreet, floating shelves. They don’t take up any floor space, hold all your bits and bobs and (provided you keep them tidy) double up as pretty wall art, too.

hang floating shelves with frames

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