Gorgeous Green Roofs For Every Home…

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  • Looking to be environmentally friendly with a touch of style? A green roof may be just what you need...

    When it comes to creating a green roof, size doesn’t matter. You can brighten up a bird house or add an entire layer to the top of your home; the choice is yours. The benefits of a green roof are indefinite, from creating natural areas for wildlife to thrive, to reducing your carbon footprint and adding visual beauty to an area. So if you fancy getting green-fingered and sprucing up your outdoor space, read on and get planting!

    Decisions, decisions…
    Before you plan your green roof, make sure you talk to a specialist. There are guidelines set out by The GRO Green Roof Code which will help you to establish which kind of planting scheme suits your roof and your lifestyle.

    Low Maintenance
    ‘Extensive’ roofs require minimal upkeep and have plants that need little watering. Usually a sedum mat is placed underneath the vegetation; these are wind, frost and drought resistant which makes them an ideal foundation for your plants. Extensive roofs are easier and cheaper to install than ‘intensive’ roofs.

    Wild and Free
    ‘Intensive’ roofs have deeper soil levels and generally require more attention; plants on an intensive roof garden will need frequent watering and looking after, though they offer more flexibility for a wider range of plant life. Make sure your green roof can be structurally supported under the added weight; it may need reinforcing.

    Added Comfort
    Green roofs can also add a layer of insulation
    to your home, giving you extra warmth in the winter months. They provide
    sound insulation too, due to the combination of trapped air within the
    soil and plants absorbing the frequencies.

    Eco Friendly
    The ecological benefits of roof gardens are endless. They provide additional oxygen and contribute to the reduction of the `UHI’ or Urban Heat Island effect, reduce solar radiation and help to decrease air pollution.

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