DIY fan shows how to transform an old plastic playhouse with a tin of paint

The perfect upcycling project for kids
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  • Playhouses are a staple in most family gardens. But what do you do when your children fall out of love with their miniature house? One savvy Mum reignited her daughter’s imagination with a stunning playhouse makeover.

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    The brightly coloured walls of a plastic playhouse might be a hit with the kids fresh out of the box. But, after a year or two they can start to look a bit weathered.

    It can be tempting to give up on the playhouse as a garden eyesore, but a bit of paint can be all it takes to give it a new lease of life, which is just what Mum of two, Rachelle Waugh, did.

    Playhouse makeover


    Image credit: Rachelle Waugh

    Posting on the Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks group, Rachelle revealed the stunning transformation. From a lack-lustre playhouse to a pale pink play-cafe.

    ‘We had an old sun-weathered playhouse which wasn’t used at all by our two young girls,’ explains Rachelle. ‘So I decided to make it more ‘girly’ and created a garden cafe project.’

    playhouse makeover 2

    Image credit: Rachelle Waugh

    Rachelle ordered two 125 ml tins of Rust-Oleum Universal paint in dusty pink and white from Amazon. After giving the house a good clean, with the help of her two girls she painted the whole house.

    All the walls were painted white, while the roof, door and windows were picked out in dusty pink. Rachelle then added some old fake flowers to the roof using a hot glue gun.

    playhouse makeover 3

    Image credit: Rachelle Waugh

    To complete the cafe look the family also painted a plant stand with a chalkboard that Rachelle found on Amazon for £10.99. Before covering it in flowers.

    ‘As soon as the girls started taking some upcycling responsibility, they wanted to play with it again,’ says Rachelle. ‘The results have been amazing! They’ve played in it every day, and it fits much better with the theme in the garden.’

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    It is amazing the power that is contained in a tin of paint. Have you been inspired by this playhouse makeover?

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