Bamboo flooring - how to buy

Everything you need to know about wood flooring

wooden bamboo flooring with red flower
(Image credit: TBC)

What is it? Strictly speaking a grass rather than a wood, bamboo flooring uses strips of bamboo, which are engineered into layers.

Pros Exceptionally durable and much more moisture-resistant than most woods. Bamboo flooring can be harvested every three to five years, making it an eco-friendly option.

Cons Colours and finishes are more limited than with other solid flooring.

What's new? ‘Tiger stripe is a striking design, which gives an exotic wood look, but is much more eco-friendly,' says Chris Elliott at The Bamboo Flooring Company.

Cost From £15.95 per sq m at The Bamboo Flooring Company

Head toThe Bamboo Flooring Company, The Solid Wood Flooring Company.