I tested the Flymo Easiglide 300v Electric Hover lawnmower - it made light work of long, damp grass on my small lawn

We took the Flymo Easiglide 300v Electric Hover lawnmower out for a spin to see if its easy handling and manoeuvrability are ideal for a small to medium lawn

Flymo Easiglide 300v Electric Hover lawn mower on a patio
(Image credit: Future/Joanne Lewsley)
Ideal Home Verdict

We thought the Flymo Easiglide 300v Electric Hover lawnmower was a cinch to set up and use. The powerful motor made light work of long, damp grass, and it was super easy to move about our small, samp and overgrown lawn. However, it spat out a lot of clippings, and there was a sizeable tidy-up job afterwards.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Great cutting

  • +

    Easy assembly

  • +

    Perfect for small lawns

  • +

    Powerful motor

  • +

    Very affordable

  • +

    Folds away for easy storage

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Fairly low cutting height

  • -

    Spits out grass clippings

  • -

    Not cordless

  • -

    No mulching capability

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The Flymo Easiglide 300v Electric Hover lawnmower is an electric hover collect lawnmower ideal for small to medium-sized lawns. It features a powerful motor that makes it easy to manoeuvre and navigate around obstacles and borders.

The grass collection box compacts clippings for less frequent emptying and has a convenient vision window to monitor fill levels. When it's time to dispose of the clippings, the easy-to-empty grass box makes the process a breeze. The ambidextrous handles provide a comfortable grip for left- or right-handed users.

I tested the Flymo Easiglide 300v Electric Hover lawnmower on an overgrown, small, damp lawn, seeing how well it coped with longer growth and wet conditions, making it a strong competitor to some of the best lawn mowers.

I also assessed how simple it was to assemble and start using right out of the box, even for those new to electric lawnmowers.

Find out how the Flymo Easiglide 300v Electric Hover lawnmower ranks against the competition and what existing owners have to say about its strengths and limitations. Plus, get tips on proper cleaning and maintenance to ensure you get peak performance and maximum lifespan from your Flymo.

Flymo Easiglide 300v Electric Hover lawnmower specifications

Flymo Easiglide 300v Electric Hover lawnmower on a white background

(Image credit: Flymo)
  • Blade type: Steel
  • Propulsion: Hand push/pull
  • Cable length: 10m
  • Collection capacity: 20L
  • Cutting height: 10mm to 30mm (3 cutting heights)
  • Dimensions: D134 x W 75 x H 83 cm
  • Cutting width: 30cm
  • Handle type: Foldable handle
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Mulching: No mulching function
  • Power output: 1700W
  • Product weight: 8.18kg

Unboxing the Flymo Easiglide 300v Electric Hover lawnmower

The Flymo Easiglide 300v Electric Hover lawn mower comes in a large cardboard box with some plastic wrapping that may or may not be recyclable, depending on where you live. However, this is minimal. Everything is packaged well to keep the product safe and secure inside the box. The box and other cardboard packaging inside are recyclable.

The mower is almost ready to go, so setting it up only takes around 20 minutes. The manual is fairly easy to follow, with useful illustrations (though some of these could be bigger and clearer when it comes to fiddly bits) and written instructions.

unboxing the flymo easiglide 300v electric hover lawn mower

(Image credit: Future/Joanne Lewsley)

First, you’ll need to assemble the lower handle by placing the ends into the slots on the deck and securing them by pushing the fixing pins through the holes in the deck and handle on both sides. If the pins are not securing the handle properly, carefully remove them and repeat those steps.

Make sure the upper handle is placed with the safety lock button facing up. Align the upper and lower handles properly and Insert the nut into the handle knob. Attach the bolts, washers, handle knob, and cable hooks to the correct positions on the handles and use the provided clips to secure the cable to the handles, ensuring it's not trapped between the upper and lower sections.

It’s worth noting that the handles cannot be adjusted in length, so you may want to test the height before you buy by testing it out in a garden or homeware store.

Flymo Easiglide 300v Electric Hover lawnmower unboxed on a patio

(Image credit: Future/Joanne Lewsley)

Adjusting the cutting height is a bit of a faff. There’s no lever to adjust it; you have to adjust it on the cutting deck itself.

To do this, you need to remove the blade bolt, hold the fan firmly, and loosen the blade bolt using the provided spanner wrench.

Next, put the cutting height spacers onto the fan - use fewer spacers for a higher cut height and more spacers for a lower cut (which initially seems confusing but soon makes sense). The three spacers are 1 cm each, so you can choose from 1cm cutting height to 3cm cutting height.

Flymo Easiglide 300v Electric Hover lawnmower blade

(Image credit: Future/Joanne Lewsley)

Mowing the lawn with the Flymo Easiglide 300v

Flymo Easiglide 300v Electric Hover lawnmower on a small lawn

(Image credit: Future/Joanne Lewsley)

Because the Flymo Easiglide 300v Electric Hover lawn mower is mains operated, there’s no hanging around to charge up a battery, so once you’ve assembled the lawn mower, you’re ready to go.

The two-handed safety feature on the handle prevents accidental operation. You have to push down on the safety lock-off button with one hand and start the mower by pulling the start lever with the other hand. There are levers on both sides of the handle, which is ideal whether you favour your left or right hand for operation.

I also liked the cord-secure clips on the left-hand side of the handle—they were perfect for wrapping up the cord and keeping it firmly in place.

The Flymo Easiglide 300v Electric Hover lawn mower also features a small window above the grass clippings box., designed to see whether your grass collector box is getting full.

Flymo Easiglide 300v Electric Hover lawnmower grass collector window

(Image credit: Future/Joanne Lewsley)

The lawn mower is a walk-behind, so you’ll need to push it yourself, but it’s light and easy to move around. For the first mow, I scalped my overgrown lawn with the lowest cutting height of 1cm to see how well it could cope with the challenging and damp conditions.

I was impressed with the cutting capability of the Flymo. It swiftly cut through my overgrown grass with ease. There was no stopping and starting and no resistance I could feel. It also left a clean and neat finish. However, it wasn’t as good on the edge of my lawn, which overlaps with wood edging. I’m not sure why, but it didn't give me the same neat finish I’ve had from other lawnmowers I’ve tested, such as the Husqvarna Aspire. But given that my lawn was pretty wet from a lot of rain, I was impressed at the quality of the cut.

Husqvarna Aspire LC34 P4A on a lawn with a golden retriever dog in foreground

(Image credit: Future)

That aside, the Flymo tends to spit out a lot of grass clippings despite the grass collector box. At each side of my lawn, grass clippings were strewn across the patio and borders, which meant a fair bit of sweeping to tidy up after the mow.

Adjusting the cutting height after using the lawnmower is a pretty messy process, too, especially if you cut your grass in damp conditions. You have to sweep away all the clippings to reach the cutting height spacers and adjust them.

The 30cm cutting width was a good fit for my compact lawn space, though gardeners tending to more expansive areas may want to consider a mower with a wider cutting path. The grass collector filled up rapidly during my initial cut and had to be emptied twice - a factor to keep in mind if tackling overgrown or medium to large lawns.

Ease of Use

The Flymo Easiglide 300v Electric Hover lawn mower is easy to manoeuvre on a small lawn with tight corners, making it an excellent choice for smaller gardens. The handles fold away reasonably flat, so you can easily store it in a shed or garage. You can also hang it up, but you’ll need to buy a separate hanging hook as it isn’t included.

Flymo Easiglide 300v Electric Hover lawnmower after mowing

(Image credit: Future/Joanne Lewsley)

The fact that it's corded may put some gardeners off, but I find a corded lawn mower very convenient. There’s no waiting around for a battery to charge up and no chance of running out of juice halfway through a mow, which can be very frustrating!

One thing to mention, though - it’s a pretty noisy mower. It clocked in at around 90db during operation, around the same as a gas-powered lawn mower and a little quieter than a motorcycle engine. So, if you or a member of your family is sensitive to noise, you may prefer something that runs a little quieter.

Overall, the Flymo is easy to use and store, but the spewing of grass clippings means I will likely reach for a different mower if I haven’t got time to sweep up afterwards.

Flymo Easiglide 300v Electric Hover lawnmower grass collector open

(Image credit: Future/Joanne Lewsley)


Flymo recommends cleaning the Flymo Easiglide 300v immediately after mowing while grass clippings are fresh. Be gentle when cleaning components like the blade, fan, and airflow slots to prevent any damage, or injury to yourself.

Lying the mower on its side gives you easier access to the cutting deck, where you can remove caked-on grass clippings with the spanner, which doubles as a handy scraper tool. Use a dry cloth to wipe away any debris from the exterior and a soft brush to clean the interior components and the airflow slots. You can also remove the grass clipping bin and hose it down.

How does it rate online?

The Flymo Easiglide 300v has an impressive 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon and is featured on the site as an Amazon’s Choice product. On the positive side, many purchasers say it’s affordable and easy to use, appreciating the lightweight hover design that makes it highly manoeuvrable around the lawn. The folding handles and vertical storage are also praised as convenient space-saving features.

However, there are complaints that the build quality feels cheap and flimsy compared to older Flymo models. The grass box lid, cable management, and several plastic components are criticised for seeming low-quality and poorly designed. Some had issues with the mower not hovering smoothly and getting stuck in the grass. Multiple reviewers also described emptying the grass box as clumsy.

Should you buy the Husqvarna Aspire lawn mower?

The Flymo Easiglide 300v Electric Hover lawn mower is an ideal affordable option for anyone looking for an easy-to-use electric hover mower to tackle small to medium-sized lawns. From unboxing to operation, it's a straightforward and low-maintenance machine perfect for those new to lawnmowers.

The powerful 1700W motor makes light work of overgrown, damp grass, delivering a clean, neat cut. The lightweight hover design allows for excellent manoeuvrability around tight spaces and obstacles. The comfortable ambidextrous handles and convenient cord clips are great extra features.

While it’s not cordless, the 10m cable provides a decent range, and there's no waiting around for battery charging. The folding design and vertical storage are also perfect space-saving solutions for owners with compact sheds or garages.

grass cut on a small lawn

(Image credit: Future/Joanne Lewsley)

However, it's worth noting some drawbacks. This mower can be messy, spitting out clippings that need to be swept up after mowing. Adjusting the limited 1-3cm cutting height range is also a fiddly process. Noise levels are on the higher side as well.

Overall, the Flymo Easiglide 300v hits the sweet spot for hassle-free lawn maintenance on smaller properties. The excellent cutting ability, simple assembly, and affordable price compensate for its lack of premium features like mulching. It's an excellent no-frills option for first-time lawnmower owners on a budget.

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Joanne Lewsley

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In late spring, I tested the Flymo Easiglide 300v Electric Hover lawnmower on a small grass lawn measuring 12.5 square metres (134 square feet) in damp and overgrown conditions.

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