Best vacuum cleaners in 2024 UK - 10 tried and tested top-rated vacuums

Find the best vacuum cleaner for your home with our top 10 picks in 2024 from Shark, Dyson and more

Three of the best vacuum cleaners on Ideal Home style background
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The list in brief
1. Best overall: Dyson Gen5detect
2. Best pet: Miele Complete C3
3. Best affordable: VAX Blade 5
4. Best new: Shark Detect Pro
5. Best upright: Shark ICZ300UKT
6. Best for under £250: Hoover Upright
7. Best heavy duty: Sebo Automatic
8. Best with a stand: Beko Powerclean
9. Best reliable: Henry Pet
10. Best for hard floors: Dyson Outsize
How we test

Deciding on the best vacuum cleaner for your home can be a big job. That's where this list can come in pretty handy, with our ranking of the top 10 vacuums on the market. We've reviewed dozens of vacuums of all different types, but we're sure that these are the very best.

Yep, every model that you can browse below has been tested extensively by a member of the Ideal Home team either at our test facility or at home, to replicate the environment that they'll be up against once you purchase them. 

The result? Everything you need to know is contained in this handy guide, with premium and budget-friendly brands sitting side by side – we're talking Shark, Dyson, Miele and Vax just to name a few.

There are quite a few considerations that we've packed into this guide to make your life easier. For homes with a number of floors or a lot of pet hair to pick up, we've got top-rated corded vacuums, and the best cordless vacuum cleaners are also at hand for those in flats or smaller homes.

Keep reading to find out which vacuums we rated as worthy of a place in your home as we looked out for powerful suction, ease of use and value for money. 

Quick list

Best vacuum overall

Dyson vacuum cleanerproduct badge

(Image credit: Dyson)
The best vacuum money can buy


RRP: £849.99
Cordless: Yes
Dust tank capacity : 0.77 litres
Weight : 3.5kg

Reasons to buy

Two floorheads for great cleaning
Laser head helps with pick-up 
Incredibly powerful 
Sleek and easy to use 

Reasons to avoid

Really expensive - even for a Dyson 
You'll have to empty the dust tank a lot

But it if: you want the unbeatable power of a Dyson.

Dyson has done it again with the Gen5detect™ Absolute, creating a vacuum that's as good at cleaning up as it looks. With two floorheads (one for carpet, one for hard floor) you feel like you have more options for deep cleaning with this vacuum. The catch? The price is astronomical, which makes it hard to recommend for everyone.

With this Dyson, you're shelling out for innovation, with the hard floor head boasting lasers that illuminate dirt and dust that you'd never usually see - a cleaning enthusiast's dream. The anti-tangle feature on the Digital MotorbarTM (the head for carpet cleaning) works as well as offerings from Shark and revealed a huge amount of sunken-in dirt during our at-home tests. The three modes are perfect for toggling between everyday and deep cleaning too.

Features we loved

It really is the fine details that make a vacuum better to use, which is why you can't overlook the magic of a Dyson bin mechanism. Point the dust bin, pull the trigger and everything will come out the first time without a fuss - something that pretty much no other vacuum brand has achieved. 

The LCD control panel is very good to use too - with indicators showing exactly how many microscopic dust particles you've eradicated from your home. Is it necessary to have scientific proof of how clean your house is? No, but it adds to the experience that you're paying almost £900 for. This is truly a star buy, but we wish that we could have more of the Dyson sparkle on a smaller budget.

Our Dyson Gen5detect vacuum cleaner review has the full details.

Best vacuum for pet hair

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog vacuumproduct badge

(Image credit: Miele)
Best vacuum for pet hair


RRP: £389.00
Cordless : No
Dust tank capacity: 4.5 litres
Weight: 3.4kg

Reasons to buy

Great range of accessories for pet hair
Absolutely excellent suction power
Impressive on all floor types 
Reliably excellent suction power

Reasons to avoid

Not the easiest to use on stairs 
Loses convenience as it's not cordless

Buy it if: you need to get rid of pet hair at home. 

The Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog vacuum lives up to its name, with a turbo brush floor head for whipping up pet (and human) hair, as well as a regular carpet floor head and another for hard floors. It is most definitely one of the best vacuums for pet hair on the marke