Best lawnmowers – the top models for cutting the lawn and clearing leaves

Our best buy lawnmowers will make cutting the grass a pleasure again

Cutting the grass can be a meditative experience that leaves you feeling a great sense of achievement. It can be a ritual you look forward to. But, if you have the wrong lawnmower, the job can turn into one monumental hassle. From moving cable each time you turn, to mixing messy and smelly fuel, some mowers are not people friendly.

But nowadays battery tech has reached a new level. More mobile mowers than ever are as effective as mains-powered and fuel options. In fact there are even robot mowers that’ll do the work for you.  So, which is the best option for you? You’ll need to ask yourself some questions about the area you need to cover and the rate you want to cut. Also consider how you deal with mess and more.

We’ve laid out everything you need to think about below. And we’ve weeded out (oh yes, pun intended) the bad options, and come up with a shortlist of lawn mower that will make cutting the grass a genuine pleasure.

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Best lawn mowers

1. Hayter Harrier 41 Push – best petrol lawnmower

best-lawnmowers-hayter harrier 41

Hayter is one of the best brands when it comes to making lawnmowers. This lawnmower is a great choice if you’re going to opt for a classic petrol powered model. These last for years and years with super blades that stay sharp for longer than most. Plus, you get a lifetime guarantee against engine crankshaft bending, so you don’t need to worry about hitting a rock. In the case of this new Harrier 41 Push you get a ribbed rear roller for great lines that give a perfect finish.

Another factor here is the trim side which allows you to cut right up to the edge, in spite of the size of this beast. This might be a little heavy for some which is why a more expensive option is available with self drive too. This lawnmower has an impressively powerful motor and pitch variation setting. It also has a cut and collect system designed with aerospace tech. That means that this mower will even cut longer grass so you don’t have to use it too often. It can handle a garden clear out if an area has grown a bit wild. With height settings between 13 and 60mm, there are options for any garden.

Ideal Home’s rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Buy now: Hayter Harrier 41 Push, £599, Hayter

2. Bosch AdvancedRotak 750 – best lawnmower for both large and small gardens

best-lawn-mowers-Bosch AdvancedRotak 750

This isn’t just a mains powered lawnmower that looks like a stealth fighter plane, it sounds stealth too. Thanks to new ProSilence tech, as Bosch calls it, this 1,700 watt mower is 75 percent quieter than previous models at a meagre 89 dB. This isn’t just subtle when it comes to noise though. Even changing the height has been made a simple pleasure with a one touch system that takes you between 20 and 80mm across seven steps.

The ErgoSlide control system is a welcome wonder that makes finding the right height and angle simple. There are a few triggers to activate the lawnmower so you can change hand positions as you need. The collection grass bag holds a hefty 50 litres and there is also a LeafCollect system. This makes collecting leaves – even in large amounts – a simple process. The 10 metre cable is long but most people will still need an extension cord for true freedom of movement. But with a super smooth action working around the garden is a really easy task making this perfect for larger and smaller gardens alike.

Ideal Home’s rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Buy now: Bosch AdvancedRotak 750, £237, Amazon

3. Stihl RMA 443 TC – best lawnmower for easy use

best-lawn-mowers-Stihl RMA 443 TC

Stihl make lawnmowers – who knew? The company well known for its garden gadgetry prowess also creates its own impressive lawnmowers. The RMA 443 TC is a prime example of battery-powered brilliance. The lithium-ion powered mower offers enough juice to cut medium sized lawns. There is also an eco mode that’ll get more life out of this mower before needing a charge.

But with a 41cm wide cutting area, six height adjustments and an easy-to-use mono handlebar this will make short work of most lawn cutting jobs put in front of it. This model also comes with a catcher box that can be easily removed thanks to that mono handlebar that stays conveniently out of the way. A useful grab handle makes moving this about easy, which is great for storage and recharging. There is also a drive system in place to help pull you along. This helps make this model a really easy lawnmower to use where that battery weight is barely noticeable when in use.

Ideal Home’s rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Buy now: Stihl RMA 443 TC, £449 , Stihl

4. Husqvarna Automower 450X – best robot lawnmower

best-lawn-mowers-Husqvarna Automower 450X

Husqvarna is the name made famous for its robot lawn mowers, so the latest Automower 450X is really ahead of the game. This little beauty will quietly (58 dB) pop out to your garden, mow up the lawn and head back to its charging dock. All while you do whatever else you want with your time. The only downside with these mowers is that they don’t collect the grass but spray it back onto the lawn. That said, the grass is so finely cut you’ll barely notice it and that helps feed the lawn for the future too.

This model has an excellent battery life at around 260 minutes on a 75 minute charge. This means it’ll cover a good 5,000 metres square with that 24cm mowing width with height settings ranging from 20 to 60mm. This really can take over the job for you even in a larger garden. Just expect to pay the premium for this privilege. This lawnmower even comes with an app so you can see the status of the cutting job from your phone. This is also useful in case of theft where its built-in GPS will let you track its every movement.

Ideal Home’s rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Buy now: Husqvarna Automower 450X, £2,510, Lawnmowers Direct 

5. Flymo Electric Glider 330 – best lawnmower for small gardens

best-lawn-mowers-Flymo Electric Glider 330

If the idea of wheels and working in a uniform line is a bit much then a Flymo might be more your speed. These seemingly magical mowers glide above the grass as if as light as a feather. This is great for gardens that have obstacles and require a lot of turning. It’s handy for steep or awkwardly-shaped gardens too.

This electric mower means you can cut from 12 to 32mm. It weighs in at just 10 kg and comes with a decent 12 metre cable and 26 litre cuttings box for grass and leaf collection. All that and it folds down small for storage. This is great for smaller gardens and sheds.

Ideal Home’s rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Buy now: Flymo Electric Glider 330, £98, Amazon

6. Bosch Indego 400 Connect – best lawnmower for cut coverage

best-lawn-mowers-Bosch Indego 400 Connect

This robot lawnmower is a smartphone app connected wonder that makes cutting the lawn easier than ever. With a cutting range of 30 to 50mm, it’s not the most versatile. However, generally that lower range is enough when you consider that this can be set to keep cutting on a regular basis. With about 400 metres square range on half hour battery life, this lawnmower needs a quick 45 minute charge to be back at work.

Since this lawnmower uses parallel blades there is plenty of cut coverage, meaning this won’t miss sections so you get a nice uniform finish. Bosch has cleverly made sure this model starts mowing at different points each time it rolls out for you. That way you always get the maximum cut coverage. You’ll be able to see all this happening using the smartphone app, if that’s your thing. While this means great cut coverage, it can leave a finish less professional looking than the lines of a human-controlled lawnmower.

Ideal Home’s rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Buy now: Bosch Indego 400 Connect, £920, Amazon

7. Bosch Rotak 43 LI – best cordless lawnmower

best-lawn-mowers-Bosch Rotak 43 LI

When it comes to battery powered lawn mowers this is one of the best out there. As the name suggests you get a hefty 43cm cut width out of this mower. A 36 volt battery means plenty of power even on that large cutting head and high torque power constantly too. The handles are really comfortable and the 50 litre cuttings box means you rarely need to stop. This powers along smoothly, collecting leaves and grass as it goes.

This will even comb the grass so that the edges are effective for cutting grass so you can get into any area you need to with ease. The battery keeps going for a good hour before needing a charge. You also get between 20 and 70mm cutting depth options, all while weighing in at just 13.9 kg for a really comfortable and capable cut.

Ideal Home’s rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Buy now: Bosch Rotak 43 LI, £435, Amazon

How to buy the best lawn mower for you


Image credit: David Giles

We all love the smell of a freshly cut lawn, but getting to that state can be a varied task. So to make that transition as smooth as possible you need to work out what is the exact job you need your mower to deal with.

The most obvious point to think about is the size of the area that needs to be mowed. Based on that you can work out the best type of mower to suit your needs. Here are the basic variations to consider.

Types of lawnmower

Petrol lawn mower

This classic offers a lot of power for cutting longer grass as well as wetter lawns while having a large range and long life. The downside is buying and mixing fuel, noise and vibration.

Main electric lawn mower

these offer lots of power like a fuel mower but without the smell or hassle. You are limited by a cable which oftens means the need for an extension lead, external socket and a whole lot of cable moving.

Battery lawn mower

This offers a truly mobile mower for hassle-free mobility. These can limit you on power and life before needing a charge.

Robot lawn mower

These battery powered mowers will do the cutting for you. They are best on large open areas only, don’t get into edges and spread rather than collect the grass waste.

You can also get rotary mowers but for the purposes of this guide we are focusing on cutting-edge (yes, pun intended, again) tech only.

Why do I need a lawn mower?


Image credit: Husqvarna

If you want to look out at your garden and see a neat and tidy lawn, you’ll need a decent mower. The better the mower the faster the job can be done which means you may do it more often for a better kept garden. Like getting a regular haircut, it pays to keep on top of the lawn. Regular cuts spell less physical effort, and less grass mess to clear away.

Another reason to get mowing is to clear leaves. Many mowers will chew up leaves and either bag them for you as you go or cut and spread them onto the lawn to work back into the soil. Either way you end up with a tidier lawn without the need to use a leaf blower or do all that rake work.

How much should I spend on a lawn mower?

The short answer is that you spend based on your needs – the higher you go, the bigger the mower, which will save you time. But in reality, spending more can get you features you might not need. For a medium-sized lawn, you might not need a mower that drives itself along, for example. However, you might want to splash out a bit more to get a larger blade size that cuts a wider area, meaning fewer laps up and down the garden.

Another factor is if you want a roller, this will cost more but means you get those brilliant lines left in the lawn to give the cut a really professional finish. You can save more money by going for a wired mower over battery, for example, but you just need to decide if that cable constantly being moved is going to be worth the saving.

One consideration is brand. You can get more affordable brands that claim to offer everything more established names do. In reality you’re often going to get a longer lifetime from an established brand and, especially in the petrol mowers, better performance.

What other key questions do I need to ask?

best-lawn-mowers-Bosch AdvancedRotak 750 LIFE

Image credit: Bosch

How big is the bag?

This is a factor since a larger collection bag means fewer stops with trips to empty it out. Bag size also affects the weight of the mower. So if you’re not going for a self-drive model, this may also be a factor based on how much physical effort you’re willing to put in.

What’s the diameter of the blades?

The diameter measurement of the blades is another factor since that determines the width of the cut. The wider you go the faster you can mow the lawn. However if you go too large it might affect getting in tighter spaces, between trees for example, as well as storage.

How often will you use a lawnmower?

The frequency of use is another issue. If you like to cut regularly, the idea of rolling out an extension cord each time might seem painful. Equally refuelling can also be a chore. That said, if your garden is not too large, a full tank of fuel could last you a good few cuts, where a battery powered option may only manage the one pass before needing a charge.

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