Smart home security – how to find the system that’s right for you

These ideas from EE make it easy to protect your home.

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Home security is important all year round, whether you’re off on a blissful summer holiday, or away from home a lot over Christmas, visiting friends and family. And if those dark, winter nights make you crave peace of mind, you’re not alone. Thankfully, with today’s tech it’s a lot easier to get the right level of protection for your home in no time at all.

Over the last few years there has been an explosion in smart home security measures – and it’s easy to see why. Traditional wired alarm systems can be complicated to install – but with smart home security, you can use your home Wi-Fi to connect devices like video doorbells, cameras and shock sensors for ultimate peace of mind, and without the hassle.

So how do you find the system that’s right for you – whether you live in a flat or a house – and get it all installed and armed quickly and easily? 

How to get started

EE smart home security powered by Verisure offers a flexible range of smart home security packages – so not only can you choose the devices that best suit your home, but they’ll install your devices professionally too, taking away the effort of connecting everything up yourself.

When looking for the right tech, you should first consider what you want protected. It could be that you are looking to secure outdoor areas like bicycle storage or sheds, or perhaps weak spots like older doors and windows. You could also think about how much time you spend away from home – and whether you’d be able to respond quickly in an emergency.

The good news is, because of the choice of tech on the market, making these decisions has become a lot easier. For example, the essentials package from EE includes shock sensors and an internal camera, all linked to a main hub that connects to your Wi-Fi (and is backed up by 4G or 5G). Alerts are sent to your phone, as well as the Alarm Receiving Centre, which is professionally monitored 24/7.

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Do more for your home

If you want to go even further to protect your home, you can also choose a package that includes a video doorbell – one of the most popular pieces of smart home security out there. The Arlo video doorbell is fully wireless and provides a 180-degree viewing angle – a great way to see what parcels are turning up each day. And because you want to protect what you love, there are even bundles that include outdoor cameras, as well as smoke detectors – so you’re covered from all angles.  

Security with a difference 

One of the big reasons for the rise of smart home security is how it works around you. So whether you want to keep an eye on your pets, protect the most vulnerable entry points to your home, or just have an alarm system that’s simple to maintain, there’s always a plan that’s right for you.

The growth of online shopping and home delivery services has made snooping on our own front steps a truly modern pastime – even when you’re in, but just too busy (or lazy) to go and answer the door in person. And because we’re increasingly using smartphone apps to manage different aspects of our homes – from living room speakers to heating controls – it makes perfect sense to monitor your home in confidence from a device that’s always to hand.

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Tech you can trust 

When you are looking after your wallet, it’s important to find the tech that offers the best value. And with EE’s trusted partner Verisure you get just that. 

Unlike going the DIY route, if your alarm is triggered, Verisure will review the situation with an emergency response time of 60 seconds. So you won’t have to call the police in the event of a break in – whether you’re at home or hundreds of miles away, without a mobile phone signal. If you’d like the added security that a professional service is looking out for your home 24/7, it is worth going for.

To get peace of mind 24/7 from EE and its trusted partner Verisure, from £25 a month, visit

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