Bring your style to life with Schmidt kitchens

Add unique contemporary design to the heart of your home

White modern kitchen with skylights, pendant lighting and two level island
(Image credit: Kitchen designed by Schmidt Reading)

While kitchen trends have changed over the years, a few things have remained the same - how it’s the place we’re all drawn to, to talk after a long day, to host friends and to have quality family time. This means that whatever your interior style, creating a welcoming room that reflects you is key, and Schmidt is here to help you do just that.

Modern kitchens come in all shapes, sizes and styles, and Schmidt offers designs to fit every home and personality, whether you’re looking to create a sleek and seamless open-plan space, to convert a compact galley or to reimagine a period home.

Made to measure, reimagined

Built in pantry/larder unit in kitchen

(Image credit: Kitchen larder unit designed by Schmidt Barnet)

We know all too well how important storage is in the home, and this is arguably most important in a kitchen. Schmidt’s 3D FIT ensures you can truly make the most of every millimetre, and on selected ranges you can even enjoy up to three made-to measure units at no extra cost.

Schmidt will adapt the widths of cabinets to the nearest millimetre for you, the height of countertops is made to suit your own and up to four depths are possible, depending on what sits best in your kitchen. Plus, the kitchen experts work hard to make sure no space is overlooked, with floor-to-ceiling cupboards, pull-out larders and deep pan drawers all considered. And if you need to tuck away clutter in a small space, then their sleek pocket doors will become your best friend.

As if that all wasn’t enough, Schmidt really takes into consideration all those ways you’ll be using the space. They offer integrated dining areas and wine coolers for those casual get-togethers, while multi-level islands are perfect for getting the whole family involved in prepping a meal before eating together.

Fabulous finishes

Modern kitchen with two level wood and stone island

(Image credit: Kitchen designed by Schmidt Hampstead Garden)

Colour and finishing details make every difference to a space, especially when it comes to truly creating a uniquely personal home - and Schmidt doesn’t mess around here, with 2,000 possible combinations of colours and finishes to choose from. Starting with their base of 24 carcass colours, you can keep a cohesive scheme throughout or use up to 3 different colours or finishes on each kitchen unit, allowing your creativity to really run wild.

As well as colours, Schmidt encourages you to play with modern metallic details, timeless wood and stone effects and fingerprint-proof finishes for busy homes. You can add in accent lighting around islands, worktops and plinths, too, so your space looks great day or night.

Modern kitchen with wood effect island and wooden cabinetry

(Image credit: Kitchen designed by Schmidt Palmers Green)

Schmidt kitchens start from £10,000, including delivery and fitting. For more information and to see the ranges in more detail, visit the website at or explore their Instagram page for inspiration.

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