Five ways to transform your bathroom into a soothing sanctuary

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With everyday life in modern-day society becoming increasingly busy and stressful – burnout is now officially recognised as a condition by the World Health Organisation – it’s more important than ever to make your home an oasis of calm.

Juggling the pressures of work, friends and family commitments means we often spend endless hours on our phones and computers. So it’s essential to have a place where you can take time out to recharge your batteries, restore the natural balance of overworked senses, and revive the body and mind ready tackle whatever life throws at you.

The best place to start? Your bathroom. It’s the perfect spot to transform into a soothing sanctuary where you can de-stress, relax and unwind - a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced lives.

Thoughtful design and clever product innovations will help you create a space that helps restore harmony, but that also looks elegant, as well as being durable and functional.

Bathroom specialist Geberit is now producing high-quality products that focus on biophilic design, which appeals to our senses by connecting us with nature, to improve health and wellbeing.

Read on to discover Geberit's top tips on turning your bathroom into a chic, invigorating and tranquil sanctuary.

1. Embrace organic shapes

bathroom with cream wall and sinks

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A bathroom is more than just a washroom - it should be your own peaceful sanctuary. Not only does it need to look chic, your bathroom should be designed using ergonomic products that can subconsciously give you a back-to-nature sense of calm.

Geberit’s new myDay range has a biophilic design that connects you with the natural world, helping to soothe your senses. The soft, organic shapes and gentle curves offer a feel-good aesthetic, while the high-gloss finish mimics a rippling water’s surface.

Studies have shown that evoking a natural environment in your home provides emotional restoration and reduces tension. Everything from the myDay countertop washbasins to the cabinets and wall-hung seats are designed to echo the relaxing fluidity of an undulating landscape.

The organic shapes of a relaxing myDay bathroom will help you enjoy moments of mindfulness, paying attention to your calming surroundings and the present, which is known to minimise stress and boost wellbeing.

2. Use technology to your advantage

bathroom with grey wall and mirror

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Some technology can have a negative impact on our health, with most of us being guilty of spending too long on our phones and laptops.

While it can sometimes be bad news for relaxing, technology can also be a power for good when we’re the ones that need to reboot. Geberit’s Xeno² bathroom range uses a host of intelligent techniques to make everything more tranquil.

A gently-lit bathroom offers a space to switch off from the bright glare of the office or the television, and give your eyes - and your mind - a rest.

The Xeno² illuminated mirrors bring a soft, ambient lighting to your bathroom, creating a warm, calming escape from the outside world. There’s even an infra-red motion sensor-activated LED between the basin and the unit so you don’t have to worry about reaching for a light switch.

Softly-lit mirrors and units are not only soothing, they’re also practical, allowing you to access morning and nighttime essentials easily without having to switch on a jarring, bright main light. Soft-close drawers and seats are also mindful innovations that help create a stress-free zone.

3. Restore order and keep clutter at bay

bathroom with yellow and white coloured wall and sink with mirror

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A clean-lined, well-organised bathroom with plenty of smart storage options will help turn it into a relaxing area where you can restore, rejuvenate and revive your senses without any obstacles.

Geberit’s contemporary Smyle range has high-quality functions that make it easier to create that clutter-free space you’re seeking at the end of a long day.

Smyle washbasin drawers have inserts for clear storage structure, while shelving comes with hidden towel hooks to enhance a restful bathroom experience and in turn boost your mood and wellbeing.

What’s more, the modular concept means you can make the most efficient use of your bathroom and ultimately create a positive, harmonious space with a clear sense of order - that also looks super-stylish.

4. Remember, even the most functional items can be beautiful

flush plate on grey coloured wall

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When it comes to turning your bathroom into a restful retreat, don’t forget to focus on the finer details, too.

Investing in thoughtful finishes will ensure your surroundings offer the perfect restful hideaway. Little touches, like upgrading to the Geberit Sigma50 flush plate, can make all the difference.

The Mustang Slate finish offers an inviting, natural texture that helps create a luxurious yet peaceful feel, and elevates the bathroom experience.

5. Mimic Mother Nature

bathroom with white wall and shower

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At every step of your bathroom sanctuary transformation, consider products that soothe all the senses - sight, hearing, smell and touch. Clever, biophilic design evokes a connection with the natural world through materials, textures and tones, ensuring you create a space that’s calming and beautiful as well as practical.

The Geberit Citterio bathroom range combines pure geometric contours with organically flowing shapes that reflect our natural world and, in turn, help boost your mood.

The range’s on-trend colour finishes – oak beige with taupe glass or oak grey-brown with black glass – are earthy tones that work to rejuvenate your senses while also being ultra-elegant. Those oak-style finishes on cabinets and storage also bring the outside in, reflecting Mother Nature’s trees and forests and, ultimately, generating a sleek yet soothing space.

Taking conscious steps every day to switch off will help you refocus and be the best you can to take on those challenging daily tasks. Start planning your very own high-end, serene bathroom sanctuary so you can revive, restore and rebalance your senses in style.

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