Is your home fit for the future? This zero carbon heating solution will transform the way you heat your home

Join OVO Energy on your journey to a zero carbon home – it is easier than you think

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Did you know that the way we heat our homes counts for 15%* of the UK’s carbon emissions?

Creating a carbon neutral home doesn’t need to cost the earth. Smart technology has advanced at an amazing rate in recent years, with more and more people choosing to be part of the clean revolution.

Few now doubt climate change and its impact on the world is one if not the most important challenge of our time. How we respond to this challenge is key to ensuring we leave the world in a better and sustainable condition for future generations.

Given that 85% of our homes will still be standing in 2050 there is little time to waste if the UK is to achieve its ambitious target to cut carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. But is your property fit for purpose?

OVO Energy is about to change the way we heat our homes for the better. It’s swapping heating powered by polluting fossil fuels with cleaner, greener, safer systems through the Zero Carbon Heating trial.

What is the Zero Carbon Heating trial?

OVO Energy has been selected by the Government to pioneer the Zero Carbon Heating trial – it’s the perfect opportunity to rethink the way we heat our homes.

The project is fully funded by the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) via the Energy Innovation Programme’s Electrification of Heat Demonstration Project.

By swapping fossil fuels for low-carbon technology powered by electricity, you can make an impactful start in reducing those planet-damaging carbon emissions. Plus, it’s cleaner, safer and easier-to-use, too.

The Zero Carbon Heating trial is currently taking place across South East England and utilises smart technology to not only improve our homes, but also help the UK fight the climate crisis.

The trial is currently running with lots of UK homes taking part, providing each with a free heating system worth up to £15,000 – from the latest hot water storage tank, heat pumps, thermal batteries – and even give your home a draught proofing overhaul to improve home efficiency.

In summary, they’ll have everything they need to start the transformation towards zero carbon living.

OVO Energy

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How smart home tech can add value to your home

When we think about home improvements, we tend to lean towards the most obvious things: renovating, redecorating – and even adding an extension or two. But investing in smart technology to improve your energy efficiency rating could actually be one of your most profitable moves yet.

Did you know that by adding an efficient heating and electricity system to your home, you can add around £16,000 to the value of an average UK home?

Every house that goes on the market has to have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate). And investing in smart home tech can really help you improve that EPC rating, and the value of your house in the process.

OVO Energy heating

Why are OVO Energy championing green living?

OVO Energy has the green energy and technology needed to kick the carbon out of central heating. It’s been championing clean, affordable energy since its launch in 2009.

Home energy is a fantastic tool to fight the climate crisis with. On average it makes up 26 per cent** of our individual carbon footprint, so reducing that by switching to a more sustainable energy supply is a simple way to make a huge difference.

The journey to zero carbon is about more than just renewable energy, it’s about changing the way we use energy in our homes and installing new technologies to waste less energy.

It’s all part of OVO Energy’s ultimate goal, which is to help its members halve their own carbon footprints by 2030.

We’re all worried about the climate crisis. But, together, we can fight it.

Want to find out more about OVO Smart Home Heating?

Click here to find out more about this carbon kicking trial. You can also join OVO Energy on a journey to zero carbon, click here to find out more

OVO Energy is working with the UK government to run the trial. It’s fully funded by the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) via the Energy Innovation Programme’s Electrification of Heat Demonstration Project.

*This figure comes from this report by the Committee on Climate Change and its Adaptation Committee

**On average. For validation click here

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