Phil Spencer says you should ALWAYS do this when viewing a house

Expert tips straight from the Location, Location, Location presenter

Phil Spencer knows a thing or two about house viewings. We’ve all watched Location, Location, Location, fixated as he shared house viewing tips with would-be buyers.

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So when we caught wind of his podcast, Move IQ, packed with Phil spencer house viewing tips, we were scrambling for our headphones.

Keep reading to discover what you should always be doing when viewing a house.

Phil Spencer house viewing tips

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1. Phil likes the light off

Before you jump to conclusions let Phil clarify: ‘I always like to turn the light off, sounds strange, but if I’m viewing during the day I want to see how much natural light it will have,’ he explains. The presenter emphasises that this is something you should check in any home you are serious about buying.

‘You can change everything about a property. You can make it bigger, you can make it better, you can change the layout, but you can’t change the amount of natural light that it receives,’ he adds.

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2. The first 10 seconds in a house are the most important

The property guru insists that in his experience the majority of buying decisions take place in the first 10 seconds when you step inside a home. ‘I believe in first impressions. A house and person only gets one chance to make a first impression and that counts for a lot,’ he explains.

So what if you don’t get a swathe of positive energy as soon as you step across the threshold? ‘Immediately you’re on the back foot, the house has got to get better,’ explains Phil.

3. View the house at different times of day

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After you’ve seen a house and have a good feeling about it, make sure you go back at a different time of day and week for the second viewing. ‘Second viewings are vital and should be done at a different time of day, simply because you’ll get a different experience,’ explains Phil.

He suggests, opting to view the house during night-time, at a weekend, or even during rush hour to get a complete impression of what it’ll be like to live there.

4. Don’t get hung up on how the current owners are using the rooms

‘The bedroom doesn’t have to be the bedroom, the dining room doesn’t have to be the dining room, it could be the living room, it could be the kitchen. These things are movable,’ he explains. All you need to think about is the bricks, mortar and room size because that is the part you are buying.

5. Before you leave do a 10-minute circuit of the property

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Phil has a thing for the number 10, but this 10 minute rule is not to be sniffed at. ‘Do the 10-minute circuit because that is the area you are going to be living in, you’re going to be walking the dogs, walking your kids to school, going to the shop late at night,’ the TV star points out. If you don’t like the feel of the area, maybe it’s not the right home for you.

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Will you be following Phil Spencer house viewing tips next time you’re out house hunting?

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