Step into a world of colour

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Carpeting your home will make it look instantly luxurious – but which palette will set the right tone in your home?

Beautiful carpets are back in fashion – and we couldn’t be happier. Not only are the latest colours and designs irresistible, but you can’t beat the warmth and luxury of a wool carpet underfoot. Personal preference and trends will influence your choices but it’s worth considering the effect different carpet shades and patterns will create in your home, too.

Are you drawn to soft, romantic hues, sophisticated neutrals, statement patterns ­– or this year’s dramatic Pantone colour Ultra Violet – and what will stand the test of time?

For longevity, you have to go for quality first and Brintons carpets always pass this test with flying colours. Thanks to a combination of 80% wool and 20% nylon, woven the traditional way, they’re both luxurious and hardwearing.

This quality is backed by a superb selection of colours, textures and designs that will suit all homes, from traditional period properties to cutting edge new-builds and everything in between.

We’ve pored over the colour spectrum and chosen a few of our favourites for inspiration and you’ll find lots more here.

Romantic reds and pinks

Padstow in Candy Spot, £69.99sq m, Brintons

Make a warm, sensual statement in any home with anything from dusky pink through to lush berry shades. Pattern is a great idea in a high-footfall area, such as the hallway – and polka dots are a lovely, quirky choice. They look fresh, modern and sophisticated in a pastel colourway if you keep the rest of your décor simple.

Graphic greys


Timorous Beasties, Platinum Grain Du Bois, £89.99sq m, Brintons

Be bold with on-trend slate greys and coal blacks. As well as being practical, they add drama to any style of home, be it a country cottage or urban apartment. Add accent colours elsewhere for a classic and versatile scheme.

Serene neutrals


Timorous Beasties Linen Damask, £89.99sq m, Brintons

From barley to soft mink, carpet’s new base notes bring a sense of calm and sophistication. Neutral shades are a sensible long-term investment and a breeze to colour co-ordinate. Try combining plains and subdued patterns for a consistent flow throughout your home.

Breezy blues and greens


Laura Ashley Epsom Stripe, £74.99sq m, Brintons

The cooler, nature-inspired side of the colour wheel, ranging from sky blues to verdant greens, is having a moment. Fresh, airy and inviting, these calm shades are very easy to live with. Use them to add a light, uplifting feel.

Stylish designs


City Plaids Knightsbridge, £69.99sq m, Brintons

Pattern is enjoying a resurgence of popularity and the Brintons’ design team travels the world, drawing on diverse cultures and nature for inspiration. The result is a selection of new-wave tartans, plaids and geometrics as well as elegant and timeless florals and oriental patterns.

Brintons has also collaborated with leading design brands such as Laura Ashley and Timorous Beasties to create stunning collections that will bring any home to life. Timorous Beasties’ playful carpets showcase large-scale pattern while the Laura Ashley collection takes inspiration from the iconic brand’s archive. The result is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

Whichever design you choose, you can be sure that a Brintons carpet will add a new element of colourful, luxurious style to your home.