Take part in an interactive film about your world and your home

If you love your home, Orsted’s latest video is a must-watch – it prompted us to share seven ways to be greener at home

Promotional feature with Orsted

When you look after your home, it looks after you… It’s a sanctuary where you relax and unwind, surrounded by the people you love and the belongings that mean the most to you.

You may not think of your home as limited by walls – for so many of us, it’s our community, our street, neighbourhood or town.

For green energy company Orsted, home is the whole world – and it wants everyone to inspire us to look after it by combating climate change and looking to a future world that runs entirely on green energy.

You can find out more about by watching an interactive video at loveyourhome.orsted.com and create your own film to share on social media using #takegreenaction.

Feeling inspired?

We can all do our bit to be greener every day and small changes can make a big difference. Why not try a few of these ideas?

  1. Switch to recycled loo paper, kitchen roll and eco-friendly cleaning products.
  2. Don’t keep appliances or computers on standby – they’ll still be using energy. Similarly, switch off sockets with phone chargers plugged in as they’ll continue drawing power.
  3. Next time you feel chilly, pop on a jumper instead of cranking up the thermostat. Even better, reduce it by a degree when you can.
  4. Buy reusable items instead of throwaway ones – for example, rechargeable batteries, washable cloth napkins and canvas shopping bags. You could also take your own cup to coffee shops.
  5. Ask your energy supplier about switching to green power, such as solar, geothermal and wind turbines.
  6. Avoid overdoing it when you food shop and compost household food waste and speak to your local council about what can be recycled – it may be more than you think.
  7. Opt for low-energy LED lightbulbs and always remember to turn off the lights when you leave a room.