How to give your home a wellbeing boost through your window dressings

Transform your home into a wellness haven like interiors influencer Isa Chadborn, with the help of Hillarys

Isa's guest room
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There is a direct correlation between our homes and our mental wellbeing. After all, home is where we unwind, recharge and feel most comfortable. 

There are so many ways to improve your wellbeing through interior design choices, from adding in soothing colours, natural materials and biophilic touches to carving out space for moments of calm, like an area for yoga or meditation. One of the easiest ways to give your home a little boost is by upgrading your window dressings, and that’s just what interiors influencer Isa Chadborn has done with the help of  Hillarys

 Watch Isa’s wellness-inspired looks 

Isa wanted each and every space in her home to feel like a warm hug, from the living room to the guest bedroom to those sometimes overlooked areas like hallways. 'It doesn’t matter what kind of day I’ve had out there,' she tells us. 'When I step through the door I feel relaxed and calm.'

Window dressings should never be an afterthought – the variety of fabrics, patterns and colours available make them a key part of engaging all the senses and helping you unwind. With their comprehensive range of options, you can be sure you’ll find the perfect fit for your unique home with Hillarys. For Isa, a palette of timeless, stylish neutrals was a must, and with the advice of a Hillarys expert she was able to add warmth and serenity through her choices. However, the support didn’t stop there, as Hillarys took away all the stress of installation by doing the fiddly measuring and fitting, too.

Isa's hallway

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Isa opted for a Duke Olive Roman Blind with blackout lining to adorn the window at the top of the stairs. This is the first thing she sees when she walks through the front door, and the biophilic colour is an instant hit of grounding calm. 'I love the stripe,' she explains. 'Pattern brings character to a space.'

'I love the flexibility this double track creates. You can filter the light and keep the room feeling airy, or pull the heavier curtains to get a cosier feel.'

In the living room, Isa’s French doors do a great job of bringing the outside in during the day – but now at night she can shut off the outside world and just feel warm and cosy. It’s all thanks to her dressing them with a clever double track recommended, customised and installed by Hillarys. 

'I can’t imagine trying to fit those tracks. I wouldn’t have tried that. Leave it to the professionals,' she says. The Harper Almond Curtains are layered over an Echo White Voile, so during the day Isa can temper the amount of light entering the room, and draw herself into a cocoon at night. 'I love the flexibility this double track creates,' Isa tells us. 'You can filter the light and keep the room feeling airy, or pull the heavier curtains to get a cosier feel. It adapts to suit the seasons – or your mood.'

Isa's yoga room

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However, the ultimate relaxation takes place in her yoga room – which is an inspired way to make use of a spare room in your home. Unique spaces like these are where the Hillarys range really impresses, whether you need blackout curtains, Venetian blinds or seriously stylish fabrics. 

'My advisor came and he was really helpful, going through all the different options,' Isa explains. She opted for a new motorised Roman blind, allowing her to adjust the light and amount of privacy she needs with ease, so she can unwind at any time. 'I didn’t realise I could actually have an electric blind in there. With my remote, I can just press a button and my blinds open to a lovely, hopefully sunny day. It’s so relaxing'. Needless to say, working with Hillarys gives you the perfect opportunity to indulge in some stress-free interior design, safe in the knowledge that you’re getting a professional fit. 

The overall effect of choosing neutral, grounded colours and layered fabrics is a home that feels warm, cosy and ready for winter. For Isa, all of this was achieved in one seamless and easy process with Hillarys.

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